Monthly Makeup Look with Our Circle Lenses

New Interactive Program: “Look of the Month”


We have started a new tutorial based program “Look of the Month” in collaboration with our official makeup artist & valued featured bloggers. We are thankful to our customers who sent us an amazing feedback of this interactive program. “Look of the month” presents different makeup inspired looks using big eye circle lenses every month.


The thought behind this program is to guide a common customer about power of makeup with big eye circle lenses. Now you can achieve your favorite celebrity’s look by following the makeup tutorials created by our makeup artists. Enhance your personality with big eye circle lenses & makeup as our makeup artists guide you step-by-step to create magical & enticing looks.


Please have a look at our Cosplay Looks”.Here you will find fantastic cosplay ideas along with the suggested pair of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses. Also donot miss Celebrity Looks”. Here we gather famous celebrities who wear big eye circle lenses. We here reveal the contact lenses they love to wear.


If you want any makeup tutorial; send us suggestions, comments and feedback at [email protected]. Stay tuned to see what big bold eyes you may achieve with proper makeup and big eye circle lenses.



Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Using I.Fairy Pearl Black

applewhite2-peachmilkytea prom-makeup-tutorial Forest Model Makeup Blind Fortune Teller Makeup

Apple White Makeup Tutorial

Using Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue

Lolita Princess Makeup Tutorial

Using Dolly Eye Jewel Violet & Wig

Forest Model Makeup Tutorial

Using Kawayii A Max Blue

Blind Fortune Teller Makeup Tutorial

Using Phantasee Sclera Sabretooth & White Wig

Yuna-Makeup-Tutorial-peachmilkytea wylona-hayashi-inspired-make-up Anzujaamu Casual Gyaru Makeup look mad clown Makeup look

Yuna Makeup Tutorial

Using Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue & Dolly Eye Dolly Eye Green

Barbiedoll Makeup Tutorial 

Using Kimchi Bambi Grey

Unicorn Lady Makeup Tutorial

Using Barbie Star Blue & Silver Wig

Mad Clown Makeup Tutorial

Using GEO Anime Lenses CPA6

Casual Gyaru Makeup Dramatic Eye Makeup Krista Lenz Makeup kawaii makeup

Casual Gyaru Makeup Tutorial 

Using I.Fairy Hana Blue

How to Look Like a Human Android

Using Phantasee Colossus Sclera Lenses

Krista Lenz Makeup Tutorial

Using I.Fairy Jewel Blue & Cosplay Wig - Shingeki No Kyojin - Krista Lenz

Kawaii Makeup Tutorial

Using Beuberry Teddy Bear Pink

wylona-hayashi-inspired-make-up Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Look The Seductive Ulzaang Makeup Tutorial The Seductive Ulzaang Makeup Tutorial

Wylona Hayashi Makeup Tutorial 

Using I.Fairy Moe Moe Grey

Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Look

Using Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet

Seductive Ulzaang Makeup Tutorial

Using Beuberry BB Red

Everyday Korean Makeup Look

Using Dolly Eye Dolly Eye Grey

Dramatic Eye Makeup Dramatic Eye Makeup

Hallloween Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Using Phantassee Black Sclera Lenses

Japanese Barbie Makeup Tutorial

Using Barbie Forest Brown

Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial

Using I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown

Haifa Wehbe Inspired Smokey Makeup

Using Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey






The Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial

Using GEO CPF1 White Out

Lady Gaga Makeup Tutorial

Using Wig The Legend of Chin - Snow Girl




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