Beauty Secret of Ulzaang, Gyarus and Real-Life Barbies

Ever wonder how do these Ulzaangs, Gyarus and Real Life barbies manage to get beautifully wide and big eyes? During all the eras women have this craziest desire in heart to achieve super sexy big eyes. Big eyes are a depiction of innocence and cuteness. You can make your eyes look big like these fashion icons either by following some simple big eye makeup techniques or by using big eye circle lenses.


What is an Ulzaang?

Ulzaangis a Korean tem meaning “The best face”. Ulzaangare internet fashion Icons. They have white glowing flawless skin with deep big dark black eyes. Ulzaangs wear medium to little makeup to cast a soft and subtle look. 


Ulzaangs favorite big eye circle lenses are those with big diameter & black in color. They are either available in single tone or two tones. Ulzaangs prefer a natural look; this is why big eye circle lenses with more than two tones are not appreciated by Ulzaangs.


What is a Gyaru?

Similar to the South Korean “Ulzaang”; there comes another fashion icon from Japan and is known as “Gyaru”. Gyaru simply means a “Girl”. A perfect definition of girl is what a gyaru is. Gyraus also have big wide doe-shaped eyes for which they too have to use big eye circle lenses.


What is a Real-Life Barbie?

Real life barbies are human girls that have gone through several surgeries to transform their bodies to look like plastic Barbie dolls. Real life human barbies focus most on big eyes than the other two fashion icons. With real life barbies’ favorite big eye circle lenses any one can easily transform her eyes into dolly eyes.


Be an Ulzaang with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Create illusion of big eyes like ulzzang or be a complete ulzzang. You will need following makeup supplies:

  1. Big eye circle lenses
  2. Mascara
  3. False lashes
  4. Eye Liner
  5. Foundation
  6. Blush
  7. Lip balm/ lip gloss



Choose a foundation that is closer to your natural skin shade. Apply BB cream underneath if you have untidy acne marks or spots. Dab brush in powdered blush and pat on your cheeks lightly. Apply pink or peachy lip balms.


Get Ulzaang Eyes. Use Big Eye Circle Lenses

Eyes must be your center of attention when you are aiming to be an ulzaang. Get an appropriate pair of big eye circle lenses and some heavy fake eye lashes. Curl them to look dramatic and line the upper lid only using liquid eye liner to make your eyes appear wide.


Be a Gyaru with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Gyaru style is famous among teenage girls. They feature deep long lashes and big bold eyes. For being a Gyaru you need following makeup supplies:

  1. Wig
  2. Long Lashes
  3. Big eye circle lenses
  4. Liquid Foundation & Blush
  5. White Pencil
  6. Liquid liner
  7. Hair accessories
  8. Light bronzer



Prepare a base using liquid foundation. Apply blush and bronzer. Choose a long fluffy wig and accessorize it with hair accessories such as bows etc.


Gyaru Eyes

Apply eye liner at the upper lid. Inside tear duct apply white eye pencil. Apply lashes a bit away from the lash line. Curl your lashes and you are all ready to camwhore!


How to be a Real Life Barbie?

This is very difficult and not all can face the challenges. A series of surgeries is required to look like a complete Barbie. Also lot of attention is paid on improving the entire body. This includes leg massages, and facial surgeries. It has been heard that some barbies are photoshopped and some have got their ribs removed to get the slim and petite waist. God knows how true!But it is very easy to have Barbie like eyes using dolly big eye circle lenses.


Big eye circle lenses are necessary to get big eyes. Available in several diameters; big eye circle lenses can be paired up with long false lashes according to your fashion tastes. Whether Eastern celebrities or Western; big eye circle lenses play an important part in making eyes seductive!


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