3 Tones

Three tones circle lenses are like two tones circle lenses with an addition of a yellowish tint surrounding the pupil. Three tones circle lenses are capable of giving a fine blended effect. The yellow tint may vary sometimes to a pale yellow, sour yellow or melon pinkish-yellow. Puffy three tones circle lens series by Barbie is the best seller as the transition is very natural, yet makes your eyes look big and pop!


Three tones circle lenses are available in all charming colors of blue, green, violet, brown, pink and grey. The transition of colors in three tones circle lenses is the special factor that give these kinds of big eye circle lenses a very natural look. They do not only blend beautifully on almost all kinds of eyes but also make your eyes shine brilliantly.


Like other big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses three tones circle lenses are also available in different patterns. From diamond cut to floral designs; you have a wide range of designs and patterns to make your selection from. Tones and hues may vary from brand to brand. Whether you want honey brown or caramel-gold; three tone circle lenses can deliver you the best result without making your eyes look fake or un-natural.


The black rim in three tones circle lenses along with the yellowish hint around pupil give your eyes a magical effect witha noticeable enlargement yet keep them natural. Get supreme big beautiful eyes with three tones circle lenses and stay beautiful. Please have a look on circle lenses without black rim if you are looking for very natural big eye circle lenses.