55% water content

Soft contact lenses are hydrophilic plastic discs that are pliable & flexible. They need to stay soaked up in water or else otherwise they will lose the moisture ending up being shriveled. Thus the more the water content, the more comfortable are the contacts. 55% water content ensure the lenses stay hydrated & moist in your eyes throughout the day. Abrasions, inflammations & irritations are less likely to occur with contact lenses having a balanced water percentage.

Benefits of Mid Water Content Lenses

Lenses with 55% water content are classified as mid water content. If the water content is too high i.e. over 60% the lenses will get dry quickly turning your eyes even drier. They absorb the tears from eyes in order to stay moist & result in an uncomfortable experience. If contact lenses are too low in water content; a gritty & irritable sensation is experienced due to poor permeation of oxygen. An ideal water content is between 48% to 55%.

  1. They are easy to handle which ensure a very convenient insertion & removal.
  2. Comfortable to wear
  3. Less awareness of contact lenses
  4. Swift flow of oxygen
  5. Maximum visual acuity
  6. Increased Wearing Duration

Recommended to:

Contact lenses with 55% water content are recommended to people who have had problems with 38% water lenses. Since more water means, more oxygen; these contact lenses stay usually very comfortable when used with Rohto C cube eye drops. However, these lenses are made thicker than 38% water content lenses to prevent them from ruptures. (they have less plastic)

People with dry eyes can either try 55% water lenses or silicone hydrogel contacts for optimal oxygen transmission & moisture retention.