Grab your favorite piece from our hot-selling collection of cosplay costumes! We sell high quality costumes manufactured with premium colorfast fabric with intricate handcrafted details and embellishments. Our variety of cosplay costumes include outfits from anime, video games, comic books, and manga that will transform you into your favorite character!


Bring your favorite character to life with cosplay costumes stitched professionally with in-depth attention to details. Sewing costumes require long amounts of time, energy, and financial investment whereas getting a professionally sewn costume will always bring satisfaction in a quick time frame. Compliment your cosplay costume with appropriate cosplay wig & colored contacts.


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Handling, Care & Storage: Cosplay costumes are expensive and you usually want to save it for the future, give it away, or sell it. Store your air-dried costumes in sealed containers away from moisture and extreme heat. Adding some moth balls and keeping the costumes covered in a garment bag will prevent damage to your costumes!

*DO NOT dry cosplay costumes in a dryer. This may cause fuzz balls & puckering that can lower the quality of costumes.