Grab your favourite piece from the hot-selling collection of anime cosplay costumes. We stock high quality cosplay costumes manufactured with premium quality color-fast fabric with intricate hand-crafted details & embellishments. Our cosplay costumes feature anime, video & manga outfits that help you build a mind-blowing performance.

Bring your favourite character to life with cosplay costumes stitched professionally with great details. Sewing cosplay costumes need time, energy & investment whereas getting a professionally done costume always bring satisfaction.

Handling, Care & Storage

Cosplay costumes are expensive & you would want to either save it for future or pass it down to a family member. Store your air-dried costumes in sealed containers away from moisture. Adding some moth balls will prevent infestation. Keep them covered in a garment bag.

Washing Cosplay Costumes

  • Costumes with embellishments, tulle & handcrafted details should be hand washed only. Turn your garment inside out before you wash.
  • Costumes made with wool, rayon, velvet etc should be dry cleaned
  • Polyester, nylon & acrylic can be safely tossed in machine for a gentle cycle
  • Always read the label for washing instructions & storage


  • Dry cosplay costumes in a dryer. May cause fuzz balls & puckering.

Compliment your cosplay costume with appropriate cosplay wig & colored contacts.