Deku Cosplay


Take your Deku cosplay by storm with Izuku Midoriya cosplay accessories from My Hero Academia. Born without any superpowers to a family where it is a norm, Izuku is a boy determined to get into academy of Heroes. Below is our hand-picked selection of Deku cosplay wigs & colored contacts that will be an accurate match of the character.

Deku wig is short fluffy green mess that sticks up at odd angles around his head. Manufactured to replicate the original design, the wig uses premium quality synthetic fibers that are sewn firmly to prevent shedding of fibers. Izuku Midoriya cosplay wig from My Hero Academia is a mix of green & black hair.

Framing his round face, Deku cosplay wig matches his eye color as shown in the popular anime. Choose Deku cosplay colored contacts to create an illusion of round & wide eyes. Euforia liquid eyeliner further help you create Izuku Midoriya signature set of freckles in diamond formations.