Cloud 9 Ray 360° Sun Protector

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What is included? Cloud 9 Ray 360° Sun Protector x 1 unit

Type Sun Block
Target Area Face
Concern Melasma
Formulation Cream
Features Alcohol-Free, Ammonia-Free, Colorant-Free, All Natural Ingredients, contains Ceramide, contains Hyaluronic Acid, contains Collagen, Cruelty-Free/ No animal testing.


We're Exposed to more various sources of harmful radiation than our ancestors were.


  • 360° All - around Sun Care

- This Sunscreen protects skin against all sources of harmful radiation that causes skin damage without feeling sticky or heavy.


  • Physical - Chemical Combination Filtering System

- Effectively blocks UV rays with the physical - chemical combination system that physically reflects UV rays with mineral sunscreen ingredients as well as scatters UV rays with chemical UV filters.


  • Soothes Stressed Skin

- Refreshes and cools hot, irritated skin from exposure to various light sources, promoting skin's comfort.


  • Lightweight Hydrating Texture

- 6 different ingredients with a high moisture content (chia seed extract, wheat germ oil, squalane, sunflower seed oil, cactus extract and cabbage rose hydrosol) impact a light weight and hydrating texture.

Block All Light Sources!

​360° All - around Sun Care

Protects skin against skin - damaging radiation from natural, daily life and artificial sources, minimizing hyperpigmentation and wrinkle formation and promoting skin's health.


Physical - Chemical Dual Sun Protection

Physical - Chemical Combination Filtering System

A physical - chemical combination filtering system with light - refractive properties protects skin against all sources of UVA/ UVB radiation, minimizing melanin production and skin damage.


Calm Sun - Damaged Skin

Minimizes Skin Stress

Coats skin surface evenly with a Fresh Soothing Layer to calm skin hotness and irritation from exposure to light and environmental aggressors and promotes healthy, vibrant skin.


Smooth - Gliding & Quickly Absorbed

Lightweight Hydrating Texture

The lightweight and moisture-packed formula is unlike other heavy, suffocating sunscreen. It quickly melds onto skin, hydrating and prepping skin for makeup without feeling greasy.


Thorough Skin Protection

Various Skin - Protection Actives

Protects skin against UV rays and environmental contaminants, calms damaged skin, and improves skin's regenerative power.


A Variety of Hydrating Energy

6 Natural Moisturizers

Six natural ingredients - Chia Seed Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Squalane, Sunflower seed oil, Cactus extract, and cabbage rose hydrosol - replenish lost moisture and soothe skin stress and dryness from exposure to skin - damaging rays, promoting soft, glowing skin.


Healthy, Vibrant Skin

8 Skin - affinitive ingredients with revitalizing properties


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