Gift Box

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What is inside?

  1. Teddy Bear x 1
  2. Gift Card x 1
  3. Mystery Gift x 1


This service is not applicable to wigs/kigurumi/socks/costumes & Lensmam sclera lenses.

*You are advised to ship with Express Shipping if you would like to add "Gift Box".


Good things come in small-packages. Make your beloved feel a little extra special by tailor-crafted & customized gift-wrap. Adorable gift-wrappings does not only sensationalize but also increase the anticipation towards the gift.


Now, with only $9.90, you can select the greeting card and we will write the message you want to send to the recipient.


Our crafty engineers aesthetically hand-pack the ordered products for a warm & personalized touch. Our signature gift-wrapping service is done using high quality cardboard gift boxes bearing Kawaii Teddy bears. We have gift-boxes to meet your specific wrapping needs. Just inform us if you need the wrapping done specifically for birth day or you want us to keep it random. Our hard-core gift boxes are reusable & surely a treasure to keep.


The unique gift-wrapping adds sense of love & care that definitely sets a smile on the face of receiver. We ensure that box remains safe during transit. The gift-box further keeps the fragile cosmetics intact and in beautiful shape.


We wrap your gift ingeniously to make sure the memorable first & lasting impression. Pamper your beloveds by being a bit more considerate. We vow to make it worth it. 



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