GEO CM904 Berry Cessy Blue
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Diameter 14.2mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case
Processing Time 2-3 working days


Exotic & ethereal, these blue eye contacts by GEO feature an ingenious fusion of multiple hues. The amalgamation of blue, green & yellow tints is intricately integrated. The translucency further, helps the hues blend realistically against your eyes. Geo Berry Cessy blue eye contacts stay comfortable as the dyes used are USFDA approved. They create subtle looks by just accentuating the original color.

Geo Berry Cessy blue eye contacts boast a natural looking rim that is nothing illusionary. The entire effect is airy, calm & soft. The yellow-dust scattered pattern around the pupil hole makes blending easier for eye-catching yet natural looks. These blue eye contacts are the perfect match for both light & dark colored eyes.

Available in prescription, Geo Berry Cessy blue eye contacts are the choice of millions for vision correction. They add youthful looks by adding depth to your pupil. Providing crisp visual correction whilst altering the color for good, makes these blue eye contacts a go-to-choice for women with brown eyes. Since the Cessy series decently add a hint of color to dark colored eyes; you may find yourself addictive to the brand.

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