Sweety BT Sky

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Adorn your eyes with pastel hues of blue. Sweety BT Sky flaunts a charming baby blue color that looks exotic yet natural. The lenses have a subtle enlargement that creates a sophisticated look which is far from the animated fervor, as common with cosplay contacts.

These blue non-prescription contacts adorn your eyes with a splendor. In addition to the soft sky blue color, the lenses flaunt a realistic linear pattern with a threaded limbal ring.

Make your eyes shine bright like sparkling stars with BT sky blue contacts. Introducing a glossy sheen to your eyes, these contacts look alluring equally against both light & dark colored eyes. Available in non-prescription only, BT blue contacts make an exciting impression every time you wear.

  • Add life to your dull costume wearing blue colored contacts. The ethereal design & itch-free comfort with a 38% water percentage take your look a level ahead whilst making sure your eyes stay moist & breathing.
  • Made from FDA approved pigments through advanced sandwich printing technology; the dyes are incapable of physically touching your cornea. This makes them risk-free & super comfortable.
  • Be the star of the night with these blue colored contacts. They doll you up by accentuating your original eye color. Beauty lies in the limbal ring that create an illusion of youthful dolly looks.

Get ready for the party or add to your sartorial splendor. All you need to do is to pair these non-prescription contacts with any outfit in the wardrobe. Tada! you just resurrected your personality at work!

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Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case
Processing Time 2-3 working days

Please take note that 12 months replacement period is a maximum period you can use. After you opened the lenses, it depends on the frequency you used. It's wear and tear product, the more frequent you use, you shall dispose it in shorter period time frame. The longest you can use is 12 months. Says you used it every day, then we advise you to dispose it within 3 months.

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