Crazy Sclera Lenses: 3 Steps How to Insert Crazy Sclera Lenses?

[Imp: What are crazy sclera lenses?]


It can be difficult to wear and remove regular big eye contact lenses for the beginners; but inserting crazy sclera lenses is even more challenging because it is bigger in diameter. Crazy sclera lenses are special effect contact lenses that cover even the whites of your eyes and give you a spooky look. Special effect contact lenses mask the original color of your eyes completely and give your eyes a novel look.


Though crazy sclera lenses are relatively new; they are growing surely. Sclera crazy lenses are trendy, sexy and promise for a “whole new gothic look”. If you are though not courageous enough to whole-heartedly welcome this trend; you can instead go for crazy lenses to fulfill your needs. However stay assured; crazy sclera lenses are completely safe to wear until and unless you are getting yours from authentic stores.



Method of Inserting Crazy Sclera Lenses

By following the method given below; you can easily insert crazy sclera lenses and get ready for a Halloween performance.


Things you will need:

  1. Pair of crazy sclera lenses
  2. Towel
  3. Small mirror
  4. Table
  5. Plunger (optional)


Step 1:Place a towel on your table and lay a small mirror over the towel. Use your active hand and form a tripod using your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Put the scleral lens on the tripod. If you do not find tripod helping; you can simply use your thumb and index finger. On the other hand you can also get yourself a plunger for the insertion of crazy sclera lenses.


Step 2: Now you get a bowl shaped lens facing you. Pour some drops of disinfecting solution in the bowl. Bend your head towards the mirror and tuck your chin down. This will bring your face in the parallel position to floor.


Step 3: Using your passive hand; wide open your eye by grasping the upper lid up with your index finger. Hold your upper eye lid open with your thumb and look into the mirror as you carefully insert the crazy sclera lenses in your eyes. When you are done with insertion; slowly let go of the eyelids and blink twice or thrice. Let the sclera lens grip your eyes. Wait for few seconds and blink again.


Keep practicing as putting on crazy sclera lenses may not go perfect in the first go.See the collection if you are hunting for some crazy sclera lenses and qualify for 15% discount. Do not forget to share your experience with us and get rewarded or win free big eye circle lenses


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