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Benefits of Wearing a Wig Cap

  • Secures natural hair from being rubbed & broken
  • Aims to provide you a comfortable + natural feel
  • Provides a smooth grip to wig
  • Breathable


  • Wig caps can be the solution to a variety of issues you may face when wearing wigs. The technology behind the manufacturing of synthetic wigs has improved significantly in recent years. However, some wig users still can’t get that perfect wig look. Odd bumps and sliding wigs are the ultimate horrors for all wig wearers. Just the thought of your wigs betraying you can drive you to distraction all day.

    It’s so embarrassing when you happen across your reflection and realized that your wig is just… off.

    If you find yourself always having to adjust your wig or tuck in stray hair throughout the day, a wig cap is just the thing for you. Our wig caps help to keep your wig safe and secure by giving the wig a better material to grip onto. The nylon in our wig cap adds a layer of friction to ensure your wig would stay just as you put them on.

    The elastic nature of the cap also helps to keep an even pressure onto your hair. This smooths any unwanted bumps raised by your natural hair, providing a better shape and structure for your wig to shine. This elasticity also ensures that you won’t have your natural hair color peeping out of your gorgeous new tresses. You will feel so comfortable with your wig safely secured and looking au naturel, you may even forget that you have a wig on.

    Some may also find wigs to be irritating to their scalp and hair. Sensitive scalps can get itchy or even develop rashes when wigs are worn directly over them. If sensitive skin is your woe, wig caps are your savior. They provide an extra layer of protection between your wig and your scalp, and add an extra touch of comfort.

    Those with fine hair can also find wigs troublesome as their hair is more vulnerable to damage. The constant rubbing between the wig and your natural hair can lead to breakage due to constant friction. A wig cap makes sure that your natural hair is kept stationary and snug, leaving the wig cap to do all of the gripping.

    Not everyone needs a wig cap. However, if you are having issues with wearing your wig directly onto your natural hair, give wig caps a go. It is inexpensive so trying it on is a no-brainer. It can also be reused and washed several times before it loses its shape. So, you only have to spend a few bucks and make it last for at least several weeks. Now, that is affordability!

    If comfort is your concern, our wig caps are made with 100% nylon mesh-weave. This material allows air to flow easily, letting your scalp breathe and keeping it nice and cozy. It is also highly elastic and stretches to fit most head sizes, including teenagers and adults. Putting a wig cap on is just as easy as putting on a wig. After cleaning your hair and scalp, simply braid or twist your natural hair to maintain the natural shape of your head and tuck it underneath the cap.

    Liberate yourself from endless worry and get yourself a wig cap!