Toric Contacts

Astigmatism is a fairly common eye condition where the retina is incapable of identifying the single focal point; to process the light rays. Astigmatism also deteriorates the shape of the cornea that makes the treatment tedious. Fortunately, alike people with other visual impairments, contact lenses have been a boon improving visual acuity for. Astigmatism prefers special type of contact lenses i.e. “Toric” over conventional spherical lenses to help prevent the “rotation” that is common with spherical lenses. Toric contact lenses are available in different materials, depending on the complexity of the individual’s case.


Does Everybody with Astigmatism need Torics?

Not everyone with astigmatism require Torics. People who despite suffering from astigmatism, stick to conventional circle lenses yet fail to notice improvements are the right candidates for such customized prosthetic devices. Since astigmatism affects vision at all distances; toric contact lenses work differently. Unlike regular contact lenses, toric contacts have different degree of power at different meridians. Toric contact lenses are made heavier at the bottom--this let them auto-adjust to the meridians where the vision correction is required.


The unique correspondence of these special lenses, the material used & certain other characteristics increase the cost of manufacturing. This is why, toric lenses can be slightly expensive than regular vision contacts.


Earlier there were less options with torics, in terms of design & hues. Fortunately, modern day technology has made the availability possible in variety of colors, designs & prescriptions. Our toric lenses are available at price beating policy than anywhere online. For more information on care & handling of toric contacts, please get free access to our Circle Lens Library


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