Toric Contacts

What is Toric Contacts / Contacts For Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a fairly common eye condition where the retina is incapable of identifying the single focal point to process the light rays. Astigmatism also deteriorates the shape of the cornea, which makes treatment tedious. Fortunately, alike people with other visual impairments, contact lenses have been a boon in improving visual acuity for astigmatism.

Astigmatism prefers special type of contact lenses i.e. “toric” over conventional spherical lenses to help prevent the “rotation” that is common with spherical lenses. Toric contact lenses are available in different materials, depending on the complexity of the individual’s case.


Does Everybody with Astigmatism Need Torics?

Not everyone with astigmatism requires torics. People who despite suffering from the condition, stick to conventional circle lenses for astigmatism yet fail to notice improvements, are the right candidates for such customized prosthetic devices. Since astigmatism affects vision at all distances, contacts for astigmatism work differently. Unlike regular contact lenses, contacts with astigmatism have a different degree of power at different meridians. Toric contact lenses are made heavier at the bottom, which lets them auto-adjust to the meridians where the vision correction is required.

The unique correspondence of these special lenses, the material used, and certain other characteristics increase the cost of manufacturing. This is why toric contacts can be slightly more expensive than regular vision contacts.


What is Colored Contacts for Astigmatism?

Although toric contacts are no doubt needed for the purpose of astigmatism-related vision correction, there’s no reason to deprive yourself of the fun provided by colored contacts while you’re at it! You can have both - astigmatism vision correction and the eye color of your dreams.

Earlier there were few options with torics, in terms of design and hues. Fortunately, modern-day technology has made availability possible in a range of colors, designs, and prescriptions. UNIQSO offers colored contacts for astigmatism in the required specifications and in a broad array of exciting shades and lovely designs to choose from. From a cosmetic viewpoint, you can not only wear the eye color of your choice but also opt for a bunch of differently colored lenses to complement varied outfits.


Colored Toric Contacts For Cosplay

If you’re an anime or cosplay fan, you can double down on the fun quotient. Don’t let your special vision correction needs get in the way of experimenting with adventurous costumes, be they scary, bold, glamorous, or heroic. No matter who or what you’re dressing up as, the key is to get creative and have fun while you’re bringing to life your beloved character.

Cosplay is synonymous with adventure, excitement, and crazy action that only the true cosplay lovers can understand. The colorful costumes, fashion accessories, props, and the right eye color can make a world of difference. And colored contacts for astigmatism can help with that. Whether it is ash green, symphony blue, waltz grey, or sonata brown (and these are just a few), no eye color is too dramatic for cosplayers. If you need cosplay contacts to cater for astigmatism, you can formula Spherical Equivalent to convert the cylinder power to prescription power. Check here.

Browse below our diverse collection of colorful contacts with astigmatism for cosplay lenses and start building the fantasy look of your desire. Besides, our colored contacts for astigmatism are available at a price beating policy. So, apart from multiple design and hue choices for people with astigmatism, our color contacts with astigmatism are available at the best rates you’ll find online.

For more information on care and handling of toric contacts, please get free access to our Contact Lens Library. Get colored contacts for astigmatism here and get ready to set the cosplay scene on fire!


What is colored contacts for astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a medical condition that is identified by an irregular shape of cornea and causing blurred vision. Colored contacts for astigmatism is corrective toric lenses available in color that changes color of your eyes while correcting astigmatism.

Can i get colored contacts for astigmatism?

Yes, you are advised to get a valid prescription, in order to check for suitability to wear them, and get a proper, correct sizing and fit. You can also renew your prescription with us.

Can you get colored contacts without astigmatism?

Yes, you can use formula Spherical Equivalent to convert the cylinder power to prescription power for colored contacts. Check here.

What are CYL & Axis?

CYL & Axis are important to get the correct specification for contacts with astigmatism. Read here for more information.

Are colored contacts for astigmatism safe?

Same as normal colored contact lenses, as long as you take proper care of the colored contacts & maintain good hygiene, they are safe to wear.

Also, you are advised to consult an optometrist to check if you need prescription for your SPH (also know as OD/OS), Base Curve, Diameter, CYL, Axis and etc.

Can I wear contacts for astigmatism to correct astigmatism than glasses?

Yes, but prescription for contact lenses & glasses is different. Please visit optometrist to get contact lenses prescription.

How do contacts with astigmatism work?

Contacts with astigmatism feature varying focal lengths to help maintain visual acuity at all angles (CYL & Axis are needed). They are also kept heavier at the bottom to help lenses adjust themselves with varying powers at different meridians.

Can anyone wear colored contacts with astigmatism?

Contacts for astigmatism are specially designed for patients with astigmatism. They have varying powers at different meridians instead of a uniform power. Only a legit eye care practitioner will be able to detect astigmatism during a routine eye test.

Why colored contacts for astigmatism expensive?

Colored contacts for astigmatism are slightly pricier than spherical contacts because of the way they are manufactured. Toric contacts get their name from torus – a doughnut shape. If you are wearing colored contacts for cosmetic purpose or cosplay, you can use Spherical Equivalent to get convert CYL & Axis to SPH. Click here to find out more.