How to Take Care of Circle Lenses

Q: How to take care of Circle Lenses and Lens Case?

It is very important to follow a proper contact lens care regimen to avoid harmful eye injuries. Lenses are to enhance your beauty either by adding colour or by giving a widening impact. Most of the time you will be suggested a step-by-step method to contact lens care by your eye-care practitioner. However, if unfortunately not, then no worries. We at UNIQSO will guide you that how you can keep your circle lenses safe from damages, tears and scratches and wear it to its maximum duration. Adapt the following contact lens care routine.



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Contact Lens Care Instructions

  1. Always wash your hands before handling lenses with mild soap. Be very careful to avoid soapscontaining excess moisture, oily cosmetics or cold creams.
  2. Dry your hands with a 100% lint-free towel. The lint may come into contact with lens whichwould cause irritation in eyes.
  3. Keep your finger nails short and neatly filed. Handle your lens with finger tips only.
  4. After washing your hands, clean and disinfect lenses with a good quality disinfectant to protectlenses from foreign substances, mucus and other deposits which the lens may have acquiredduring wearing.
  5. Keep care of your contact lens case; replace it after every three months. Keep your lenses completely soaked in the disinfectant. Never use saliva or water to moisten your lenses.
  6. Be very careful before wearing that your lens is not inside out. Place it on your finger tip and check if it is in a proper-bowl shape.
  7. Wash it with your contact lens care solution (disinfectant) every time after use, mildly rubbing with your already washed finger tips.
  8. Never wear it for a longer duration than the prescribed duration of the manufacturer.
  9. Throw your lenses after they expire.
  10. In case of serious irritation, redness or itching immediately remove your eye lenses and contactyour eye care professional. It is very important to follow these contact lens care instructions forhappy eyes.

We hope that this contact lens care guide will help you, especially if you are a beginner. And don't forget lens case is very important too! Read more about how to take care your lens case too.

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