Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer - A

Written by : Areeba Siddiqui


*Things that should be considered by the first time customer BEFORE choosing circle lenses

Circle contact lenses are worn for several reasons from vision correction to serving one’s fashion needs. Circle contact lenses are available in Plano and prescription both from nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) to advance vision correction needs like “Astigmatism”. Circle contact lenses that are used for astigmatism are known as “Toric circle lenses”


When a first time customer begins his hunt to finding an appropriate pair of circle contact lenses; several questions rise in his mind which makes it difficult for the customer to make a decision. In order to make a wise purchase of circle contact lenses you need to understand different terms of circle lenses as mentioned in the “Glossary of Circle Lenses” such as BC, water content, Plano etc.


Continue reading this guide for a hassle-free first purchase of big eyecontact lenses or find out the advantages of wearing circle lenses.


1. Is it safe to wear circle lenses?

Yes 100% safe provided you vow to take complete care of your eyes and contact lenses. Always keep your circle lenses clean and replace your contact lens cases every 3 months or sterilize the cases of your contacts.


For more information; read - “How safe it is to wear circle lenses?”


2. At What Age I should Begin to Wear Circle Lenses?

There is no “right” age to begin wearing circle contact lenses according to the experts. Anyone with a high level of sense of responsibility can wear circle contact lenses. However; as a rule of thumb children younger than 13 years should not be given contact lenses to wear.


Early teenagers; if have enough confidence on themselves to maintain the hygiene  and proper daily care of circle contact lenses can try out circle contact lenses. Talk to your parents before making any decision or meet your eye care doctor for a professional advice.


3. How do I Read the Prescription for Circle Contact Lenses?

Prescription of circle contact lenses is different than prescription of glasses. Therefore; you should have a fresh prescription in hand before placing an order for prescription circle lenses. Contrary to this; if you are looking for Plano circle lenses you only need to choose the right pair of circle lenses. Read how to choose circle lenses according to skin tone.


If you have Astigmatism; you definitely need “Toric Circle Lenses”. Learn more about circle lenses for Astigmatism”.


4. Should I get circle lenses or contact lenses or both? What is the difference between both types?

Circle lenses, circle contact lenses, big eye contact lenses and big eye circle lenses are the several name of one product. These lenses tend to add a “bigger eye” effect to your eyes whilst staying natural or even going dramatic. On the other hand simple contact lenses are just tinted soft lenses which do not add any enlargement or dolly eye effect to your eyes.


If you are looking for lenses to enhance your personality; get circle lenses instead of contact lenses or learn in detail about the difference between circle lenses and contact lenses.


5. I want my eyes to look like my favorite celebrity. How to search for that exact pair of circle lenses?

Celebrities are often spotted with circle contact lenses. We have formed an extensive list of celebrities who wear contact lenses with the recommendation of the brand.



6. I want to become a Gyaru or Ulzaang with Circle Lenses. Possible?

Yes. Simply give this a read; Ulzaang circle lenses” and how to be a “Gyaru& Real Life Barbie with circle contact lenses”


7. From where should I buy circle lenses for myself?

There are several options available for buying circle lenses. Either get them by a local retailer or buy online. Buying online definitely saves you money as online retailers do not have to pay building rent and bills for any physical existence. They also let you enjoy several promotions and discount codes. This makes buying circle lenses online very tempting if your retailer is trust worthy.


Lower the risks of online shopping including fear of losing package, delayed shipment, money theft etc. and get your circle lenses from UNIQSO.


Received your circle lenses safely? Now read PART B for the answers of questions such as how to open vials, how to wear/remove and take care of lenses etc.


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