Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer - B

Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer


You might have received your order for circle contact lenses after thoughtful searching. We hope the guidelines provided in the Part A (Pre-Shopping Circle Lens Guide) helped you making a wise decision as per your taste, style and personality.


Now; let’s come to Circle Lens Wearing FAQs.


Before you even begin handling your circle lenses; follow this Lens-Care Guide to prevent any misfortunes. Then check your circle lenses for tears or damages.


1. I just received my circle lenses. How to open the packaging? It seems very sturdy.

Circle lenses come in two types of packaging. They are either packed in blisters or are found floating in the sealed vials. The purpose of such packaging is to keep your circle lenses sterile. Opening the vials of circle lenses wrong way may lead to the broken nails, painful teeth and bruised lips. Therefore; learn how to open vials safely before inventing your own weird ways.


On the other hand opening “Blisters of circle lenses” is a breeze. You only need to tear the cover by pushing it up and you are done.

Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer

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2. I have opened the vials/blisters safely. What do I need to do next?

After opening the vials or blisters; the next thing you should do is to take them out from their respective packaging and get an already cleaned & disinfected circle lens case at hand. Transfer the circle lenses into the lens case’s chambers using a pair of forceps. Prior to transferring the lenses; the case should have enough of the disinfecting solution/ multi-purpose solution for the circle lenses to be soaked in.


3. How long do I need to soak circle lenses before first use?

It is recommended that circle lenses should be soaked for a good time of 6-8 hours before the very first use. The best practice is to soak them in multi-purpose solution for a night. This is done because the solution in which circle lenses come is for storing them. That solution is definitely not meant to come in contact with eyes.


If circle lenses are worn without soaking them; you will probably develop pink-eyes or stinging/burning feeling. Let them get neutralized before inserting them into your eyes.


4. How to wear & Remove Circle Lenses?

Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time CustomerCircle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer


Wearing circle lenses for the first time is somewhat difficult or say tricky. With just a little practice and devotion you can master the tact of wearing circle lenses without any difficulties. Learn step-by-step how to wear & remove circle lenses easily.


5. For how many hours I can wear circle lenses the first time?

It varies from person to person. Some people have sensitive eyes whereas others have dry. You need to figure out the duration yourself. As a rule of thumb; do not wear circle lenses for more than 2-4 the first day. You can then gradually increase the duration as your eyes get used to wearing circle lenses.


6. How to disinfect circle lenses?

Disinfecting circle lenses is a three-step process. Begin with cleansing by dropping few drops of disinfectant onto your lenses followed by rinsing and soaking them in the sterilized lens cases.


7. Where to store Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses should be stored in their cases which should be replaced after every three months. Sterilizing your lens cases is also recommended. Always remember circle lenses should never be stored



8. How to know that circle lenses are not fit for me?

Circle lenses that are not fit for you react by causing burning, itching and a feeling of discomfort. It is easy to deal with uncomfortable circle lenses but if it still feels uncomfortable; remove them immediately. You should know these things when wearing circle lenses for the first time.


9. What other things should I know about Circle Lenses?

Practice makes man perfect. Circle lenses are always safe to wear; you only need to know that what you are buying and from where you are making a purchase. If you are served by an authentic seller; you are covered. Circle lenses are medical devices and should be handled like-wise. Acquiring knowledge about circle lenses make you a wise wearer of circle lenses. Above all this keeps your eyes safe and away from harmful effects. Get all kind of information about circle lenses, makeup tips, wearer guides, and solve your contact lens problems with this Exclusive Circle Lens Library.


10. When should I replace circle lenses with a new pair?

Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer

The expiry date is always mentioned on the label. Look for it. For soft contact lenses/ circle lenses the expiry duration is one year after opening the packaging. It is recommended to replace them after 8 months if you wear your lenses daily for extended durations (more than 4 hours daily).


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