How to Deal with Uncomfortable Big Eye Contact Lenses

Big eye contact lenses are sometimes uncomfortable; even if they are FDA aaproved and purchased from authorized dealers. This does not mean that your purchased pair of circle lenses is any low at quality or run the risks of infections. If they are immensely uncomfortable; put them off and examine them for any manufactural flaws or cuts & notches. If they appear fine then begins the time for you to get into action. Most of the time the discomfort produced by circle lenses can easily be resolved. Below are some solutions to the most-common contact lens problems:


1. I feel there is something in my eyes when I wear big eye contact lenses

Big eye contact lenses are available in different diameters and curvatures. They need to be properly-fitted in your eyes as you need proper-fitted clothing. If the base curve is not as per the curvature of your own eyes you will always feel big eye contact lenses as an external agent into your eyes. If it is too thin; your eyes may dislodge contact lenses with the eye blinks. It is important to have a wide knowledge about different parts of big eye contact lenses in order to better deal with contact lens discomfort.


2. My Eyes feel dry on wearing big eye contact lenses

If you feel dry eyes; than your best solution is “eye-drops”. Using quality eye drops twice or thrice will solve your issue. If still you feel dehydration in eyes; then consult your eye doctor as he may prescribe you special types of big eye contact lenses for dry eyes.


3. I feel eye-twitching and eye-strain

On wearing big eye contact lenses if you feel eye strain or eye twitching; check if you are working on computer for longer durations. Radiations from LCD or computer strain are often considered responsible for eye stress especially when you have big eye contact lenses in your eyes.


4. My eyes get red, swollen painful and/or producing discharge

On meeting these problems; you should immediately remove big eye contact lenses and try washing your eyes with clear clean water. If the problem persists consult your eye doctor on immediate basis. Such eye problems if left untreated may develop into a more serious eye disease.


5. I get burning feeling when I wear my big eye contact lenses.

Now this is a rare problem; and it should not happen frequently. As long as you are disinfecting your big eye contact lenses, using multi-purpose solution and replacing your lens case every three months- it is not possible that you face burning feeling on wearing your big eye contact lenses.


Actually; contact lenses deposit substances they come into contact with. This includes perfumes, skin lotions, soaps and lints etc. Always handle your big eye contact lenses with clean hands and use lint-free towels and oil free soaps and moisturizers.


6. I get blurred vision with big eye contact lenses

If you notice halos, rainbows around the objects and feel a blurred vision; put off your big eye contact lenses and check if they have got a crack or are damaged. It is possible that you might have forgetfully left your big eye contact lenses un-checked for a long time. As a result; they got dry and developed cracks. Always keep checking your contact lenses if they need contact lens solution. Keep them fully soaked. If however; you still get your lenses dried; throw them off as they will never retain the original position even on rewetting.


Remember; most of the eye problems that are related to big eye contact lenses are solved following these remedial tips. If however; you feel no difference then you need to pay a visit to eye professional as he will provide you better medical help. A visit to him will also rule-out the possibility that your discomfort indicates any serious underlying problems.


Just a side note; always soak your contact lenses for 8-hours before wearing them. Be very careful and buy big eye contact lenses from authentic sources. Also; check your lenses for any damage, crack or external agents clinging to them. If they do not look good and feel good- put them off. Your eyes are more precious than the amount you spent in purchasing them.


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