How to Remove Broken/Torn Big Eye Contact Lenses From Eyes

Big eye contact lenses or big eye circle lenses come in different varieties; however they can be classified into two main categories. Big eye contact lenses that are hard and rigid; whereas the other type of big eye contact lenses are made from soft material and are known as soft contact lenses.


Hard big eye contact lenses gets broken rarely; however soft big eye contact lenses that are higher in water content and or are extra thin and flimsy can get ripped in some circumstances. If you get your big eye contact lenses broken in your eye; the first thing you need to do is “Do not Panic”. Do understand that if broken big eye contact lenses are addressed timely and carefully; they won’t destroy your eyes. Learn below how you can get broken big eye contact lenses off of your eyes safely.


Things you will need to remove broken contacts

  1. A multi-functional disinfectant
  2. A Friend
  3. A mirror
  4. A well-lit; well-ventilated room
  5. A lint-free towel


Step 1: Wash your hands with mild soap and water; then disinfect your hands- focusing more on your fingers using multi-purpose disinfecting solution you get to clean your big eye contact lenses.


Step 2: Stand in front a mirror. The mirror should be placed in a well-ventilated and well-lit room. Lift your upper eye lid up with your forefinger and your lower eye lid down with your thumb. This will provide you a wider view of your eye ball.


Step 3: Try locating the broken contact lens by moving your eye ball in all the four directions. You will probably need the assistance of your friend to keep an eye on the broken contact while you move your eye ball.

Step 4: After locating it; rub your eyes with gentle outward motions. Follow the rubbing method from your nose towards your temple. This will help bringing ripped parts of big eye contact lenses to a larger eye area; from where you will be able to remove them easily.


Step 5: Now using pinch method; gently pinch your broken contact using your thumb. Do not throw the broken lens and put it back in the lens case already filled with solution. You will need it for later examination.


Step 6: Make a cup of your hand; pour disinfectant in it and carefully get your eye bathed in it. Move your eye ball and make sure that disinfectant enters in your eye completely. This will make other broken pieces fall out from your eyes.


Step 7: Ensure your eyes are free from all the parts of broken big eye contact lenses. Using a lint-free towel wipe your eyes and give them a rest of six hours before you again try inserting big eye contactlenses. Strain your eyes less and be very careful to not to read a book or use computer for more than two hours the first day.



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