Reuse Stella False Eyelashes for up to 20 Wears

With false eyelashes you can create those magnifying stage, prom and dramatic looks you have fantasized about most in your life. Stella false eyelashes add meanings to your eyes & turn everything into a charm. False eyelashes can last you a good many times; provided you take care of your lash bands like you do for your eyes.Branded false eyelashes such as Stella false eyelashes can be worn several times for up to 20 uses. Stella false eyelashes are culled from Taiwan for an ultimate taste of luxury & beauty.


Cleaning False Eyelashes in 3 Easy Steps: Increase the Longevity of Stella False Eyelashes

Before you begin interaction with your false eyelashes; bear one thing in mind. “Be gentle” to your false lashes. To increase the longevity of your favorite Stella false eyelashes it is advised to clean and wash them after every use. The more you delay in cleaning them; the more brittle your lashes will get.


1. Do Not use Oil-Base Makeup Remover

Oil-based makeup removers make it easier to get off false eyelashes but they do damage the lash band. Oil clogs to the strip of the false eyelashes; making it difficult for you to stick the lashes back the next time you wish to reuse your falsies.


2. Collect Cleaning Supplies

For cleaning Stella false eyelashes; being humble and patient is the key since your effort is worth it. Collect following supplies:


After gently holding the outer corner of the lash strip and pulling it off completely, spread tissue paper and place your freshly removed Stella false eye lashes over it. Dunk Q-tips generously in the makeup remover and start wiping your false eyelashes from inwards to outwards with Q tips. The mascara clogged Stella false lashes take over 2-3 minutes depending upon the stubbornness of your mascara.


3. Washing Stella False Eyelashes

After cleaning Stella false eyelashes with Q-tips dunked in makeup remover; it is now time to wash them off with water. Washing your falsies with water keep them squeaky clean- as clean as they were at first use. Now place Stella false eyelashes back in their original packaging to prevent them from bugs, dust and dirt.



Normal false eyelashes might not be reused after 2-6 wears. Contrary to this Stella false eyelashes from Taiwan retain the shape and quality of the strands even after 20 uses. It is though recommended to stop using Stella false eyelashes after 20-25 uses because of sanitation reasons. The make-up buildup can be harmful & damaging to your eyes causing irritation and allergies. Buy Stella False Eyelashes that are hand-made to provide you the supreme style of elegance.


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