Big Eyes

Create an illusion of bigger eyes that never fail to impress. Circle lenses differ from contact lenses because of the alluring enlargement they fake. Various factors from the design placement to the diameter & fusion of colors play a significantly deciding role in the creation of circle lenses. Circle lenses offer a diverse range of sizes from 14.00 mm to 20.00 mm - Later being the biggest in size; help creating a dolly eye look which without big eye contacts is almost impossible to achieve.
Big eye contacts extend to the eye whites than just covering the iris. The more they extend, the more pronounced is the dolly eye effect. We recommend gradually switching between the sizes; initially beginning your journey of big eye contacts from 16.2mm to 16.5 & so on.
Buy from jaw-dropping huge collection of color contact lenses below. We hope our dolly contact lenses will help you concoct exquisite transformations. Our enticing colored contacts have always been the first choice of internet beauty sensations & real life human Barbie dolls.

Important Notes with big eye contacts

  1. We recommend using eye drops with big eye circle lenses. Wearing circle lenses compromises the oxygen flow to the cornea. Using contact lens compatible eye drops eases the experience & facilitates increasing the tolerance towards circle contacts.
  2. Keep a check on big eye contacts even if you don’t wear them regularly. They may dry out quickly than regular contacts. Keeping them moist is keeping them usable till they meet the expiry.