Big Eyes Colored Contacts

Discover Enchanting Eyes with Dolly Eye Contacts

Upgrade Your Look with Eye Enlargement Contacts

Experience the allure of bigger, mesmerizing eyes with dolly eye contacts, alternatively known as dolly contact lenses or eye enlargement contacts. These unique lenses differ from ordinary contacts in their design, dimensions, and color blend, all contributing to the captivating enlargement effect.


Ideal for Anime and Lolita Cosplay Characters

Dolly eye contacts are the perfect choice for anime and Lolita cosplay fans, offering a youthful, vibrant, and adorable appearance. With sizes varying from 14.00 mm to 20.00 mm, these lenses create a dolly eye look that's unattainable without them.


Progressing to Larger Eyes

When starting with dolly eye contacts, we suggest gradually increasing the size, starting with 16.2mm to 16.5mm and moving up from there. These lenses extend past the iris, producing a more noticeable dolly eye impact.


An Extensive Selection of Dolly Contact Lenses

Explore our wide range of dolly eye contacts, which have gained popularity among online beauty gurus and real-life doll-like personalities. Black contacts are currently the top pick for achieving a big eyes effect.


Caring for Your Dolly Eye Contacts

To ensure a comfortable experience with dolly eye contacts, use eye drops compatible with contact lenses to facilitate the process and enhance tolerance. Consistently check and keep your lenses hydrated, even if not used daily, to extend their usability until they expire.


Dolly Eye Contacts vs Circle Lenses 

What are Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses, also known as circle lens contacts or circle lenses contacts, are a type of colored contact lenses designed to create an illusion of larger, more captivating eyes. These lenses are closely related to dolly eye contacts or enlarging eye contacts, both of which aim to provide an enhanced, youthful appearance.


Similarities Between Circle Lenses and Dolly Eye Contacts

Both circle lenses with prescription and dolly eye contacts share the same goal of enlarging the appearance of the eyes. The two types of lenses use similar design elements, such as color placement and fusion, to achieve the desired effect. They're also popular choices for cosplay, anime, and Lolita enthusiasts, who often seek to emulate the look of large, innocent eyes.


Differences Between Circle Lenses and Dolly Eye Contacts

While both circle lens contacts and dolly eye contacts create the illusion of larger eyes, circle lenses tend to focus more on the outer ring of the iris, creating a pronounced and bold look. On the other hand, dolly eye contacts often emphasize the entire iris, providing a more comprehensive enlargement effect.


Prescription Options for Circle Lenses

For those with vision correction needs, circle lenses with prescription are available to provide the same captivating appearance while offering the necessary visual aid. These prescription lenses come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect pair to match your desired look and vision requirements.


Unleash Your Inner Dolly with Circle Lenses

Explore our extensive selection of circle lens contacts, and find the perfect pair to create your ideal dolly eye look. With options available for both cosmetic and prescription purposes, our circle lenses will enhance your appearance while catering to your vision needs.


What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses, also known as a big eye contacts, is a cosmetic contact lens that makes your eye's iris appear larger with the black limbal ring, giving you a dolly effect.

What is the difference between circle lenses & colored contact lenses?

The difference between the two types of lenses is that circle lenses are prominently tinted in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens (especially with black color). Making the appearance of a bigger, wider iris with a limbal ring, creating an illusion of large eyes.

There are 16mm circle lenses in your store, is that really big?

It is only the visual effect of the circle lenses when the diameter of the circle lens is described as 16mm or 18mm, giving you a much larger eyes look.

Are circle lenses safe?

Same as normal colored contacts, as long as you take proper care of the colored contact lenses & maintain good hygiene, they are safe to wear.

Also, you are advised to consult an optometrist to check if you need prescription for your SPH (also know as OD/OS), Base Curve, Diameter and etc.

Please take note that larger sizes would be harmful to the eyes at daily wear.

How long do circle lenses last?

Circle lenses are same like colored eye contacts. They are available in daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly disposable. It is mentioned in the product description. Circle lenses are wear & tear item so the more frequent you wear, you shall dispose it before the mentioned duration. Take note that disposable period is different from expiry date.

Can you wear circle lenses with astigmatism?

Yes, we do have circle lenses for astigmatism. Take a look here.

Can you get prescription circle lenses?

Yes, they are available up to power -12.00.

How long can you wear circle lenses?

It varies from person to person. Some people have sensitive eyes whereas others have dry. You need to figure out the duration yourself. As a rule of thumb, do not wear colored contacts for more than 2 - 4 hours the first time. You can then gradually increase the duration as your eyes get used to wearing colored contacts. Buy an eye drops if necessary.

Do i need to soak circle lenses before wearing?

It is recommended that circle lenses should be soaked for a good time of 6 - 8 hours before the very first use. The best practice is to soak them in multi-purpose solution for a night. This is done because the solution in which circle lenses come is for storing them. That solution is definitely not meant to come in contact with eyes.

If circle lenses are worn without soaking them, you will probably develop pink-eyes or stinging/burning feeling. Let them get neutralized before inserting them into your eyes.

What are the basic rules when wearing circle lenses?
  1. Wash your hands and fingernails thoroughly before wearing lenses, do not touch other things after washing
  2. After take out the lens, soak the lenses in the lens case
  3. Check the solution level in your lens case at least once a week.

You can read more in our FAQ library.

I have more questions about circle lenses

Yes, we have more Q&A in colored contact lenses library, check our Help Center.