Red Contacts

Circle lenses are not only the means of enhancing your looks; sometimes circle lenses have much more to offer. Red circle lenses define this need in a more professional way. If you are planning to act as a fiction’s character you must have a pair of colored contact lenses to enrich the play and create a feeling of indulgence for your viewers.


Red circle lenses are bright, attractive and very noticeable. No cosplay is going to have full energy without red circle lenses. With our amazing collection of red lenses; create an unforgettable costume. Our red circle lenses are based on favorite manga and anime series. From bright red to nude pink we stock all kind of red circle lenses to meet the needs of your character. You can also get big dolly eyes with our range of big eye circle lenses and big eyes makeup accessoriesas per your character’s needs.


Create a huge gothic dolly eye effect, or get an impressive look for Halloween- our red circle lenses will stand up to the promise we make. Do you have to impersonate into a vampire? Or need to get a freaking ghost’s/zombie eyes? These circle lenses would be your final choice!


While acting in a cosplay; do not take your circle lenses for granted. You might need them later on; for another cosplay or for taking part in giveaways we hold monthly. Therefore, take very good care of your circle lenses with our circle lens cases.