Lace Front Wig

Luscious and stylish, lace front wigs are the ideal solution for a comfortable, durable yet natural looking wigs. These wigs have the benefits of a wefted cap construction but with added lace, giving a natural appearance. Whether for cosmetic or for cosplay, lace front wigs add that wow factor with its splendour and natural appearance. Save money, time and effort spent on perfectly styling your hair with our gorgeous yet affordable lace front wigs.

The term lace front refers to the mesh panel at the front of the wig replacing wefted cap construction. The manual tying of each hair onto the lace material mimics the arrangement of natural hair. So, unlike with basic cap construction, lace front wigs allow greater styling versatility. Don’t let the limits of a basic wig cap stop you from experimenting with new off-the-face styles. Whether you’re putting up a bun or a fishtail braid, the invisible lace will never give away your secret. You can let your hairline show and nobody would even guess that you are wearing a wig.


Lace or Weft? Why not Both!

With lace front wigs, you’re getting the best of both worlds. On top of the pluses of the lace front, you also have the benefits of a wefted cap construction. Wefted wigs or open cap wigs are the basic wig cap constructions and are popular for a good reason. While tying individual hairs make the roots of your hair appear more natural, it falls short in breathability. Instead, the hairs on an open cap wigs are tied in wefts. This creates open gaps on the cap itself, making the wig feel cooler on those blazing summer days. However, they are hidden by a technique called ‘permatease’ which adds volume and body to the hair.

That is not all that lace front wigs have to offer. Another advantage of open cap wigs over lace is the stronger material. This means that you only need to be extra careful with handling the front part of your wigs. This basic cap is machine made so you can get a lace front wig cheap but get breath-taking hair. But you cannot customize wefted cap as you can fix up a lace cap. With its flexible nature and a bit of trimming, you can be sure that it would fit on any head and work with any style. With lace front wigs, you are paying an amazingly cheap price for such spectacular high-quality hair


Lace Front Hair – A Fashionista’s Secret

Everyone wants to look good but not many people know how to pull it off. There are always challenges to a perfectly good style. No fashion designer can create an outfit elegant enough to distract people from the bird’s nest on your head. If you want to make sure you always dress to impress, you need hair that never lets you down.

That is why UNIQSO is the best place to get lace front wigs cheap. We offer you a collection of affordable, deceptively natural-looking lace front wigs. Our lace front wigs come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors for both straight and curly hair. Whether you want some gentle pink curls or a platinum blonde bob, we have the perfect lace front wigs for you.

Each lace front wig is made from synthetic fibre that will never fail you in any weather. The hair fibre is heat resistant, so you are free to style it as you please. Our online store provide access to great hair from anywhere in the world. There is literally no excuse to a showing up with lacklustre hair with our lace front wigs.