Lolita Wig

‘Lolita Fashion’ inspired synthetic wigs add a sweet luxuriant touch of elegance and glamour to your personality. Available in all sizes and styles, our Lolita fashion synthetic wigs are durable, tightly sewn & are thick. Our synthetic fashion wigs have permanently styled curls & fringes that stay intact even under tough climates.


Made from 100% synthetic fibers, synthetic wigs hold mild heating from, such as straightening & curling techniques. They flounce naturally, and bounce back gracefully. Free from droop and frizz our Lolita synthetic wigs will last you several wears if proper wig care is followed.

Lolita fashion wigs are available in several styles- hottest of which are those made with “mixed-colors” and “loose seducing beach curls”.


Why buy Lolita Synthetic Wigs from Uniqso?

Uniqso provides you with a 100% satisfactory experience & quality wigs at a very competitive price. Moreover we offer:

  1. Natural looking Lolita wigs ( Free from unnatural shine)
  2. Breathable wigs
  3. Our wigs keep the memory of volume, curl & wave
  4. Our Lolita wigs are washable and are long lasting
  5. These wigs give you the freedom of styling them as per your likes such as styling/trimming bangs.



Our Lolita Wigs are available in both variants- “Styled” and “Un-styled”. Choose from our collection as per your needs or take your wig to your hair-dresser for a perfect fit & for a customized style.