Colorvue contact lenses are the product of MAXVUE Vision- an ISO9001 certified organization that meet stringent regulations set by several health & medical device bodies. Colorvue boast a wide variety of ethereal yet funky designs with the utmost comfort that remains unparalleled.

With a huge market expanding to more than 50 countries worldwide; the brand continues to satisfy millions of customers globally.

Colorvue Contact Lenses in a Glimpse

Colorvue lenses are manufactured under state of art hygienic laboratories where bio engineers strive to curate unique designs that are not only safe to wear but also help you make a statement of your own. The lenses are made only from FDA approved pigments via sandwich printing technology where 3 layers are fused ingeniously to prevent the dye coming in contact with your eyes.

The lenses are checked 100% at every stage in the facilitation center for any possible risks of damages. Before each lens could leave the lab, it is sterilized at 121C to ensure the lens is free from bacteria & fungus. Colorvue lenses neither fade nor breaks due to the perfect balance of water and plastic. Made from newly developed silicone hydrogel material, the lenses from Colorvue brand facilitates oxygen flow & retains moisture twice as much as hyaluronic acid.

Enjoy exceptional vision correction whilst altering your eye color for a pleasant appearance with Colorvue lenses. They are priced at exceptionally low rates on UNIQSO.

Colored lenses available in daily, monthly, quarterly & yearly replacement schedules.