Anime Contacts

Anime eyes are famous around the world for being unnaturally largeand attractive. Those wide eyes are not only full of innocence but are considered highly emotional and expressive as well. You can easily transform your eyes into anime eyes with anime circle lenses and some makeup tricks. Have a look at our wide collection of sharingan circle lenses and cosplay lenses

Anime circle lenses are available in huge variety, colors and designs. These anime circle lenses add a dolly eye effect and make your eyes sparkle. If you want heavenly adorable eyes; try anime circle lenses based on your favorite manga character. Anime circle lenses usually possess a bigger diameter than ordinary circle lenses that give them an extra edge. They pop your eyes out; making them slightly puffy and slightly bulging with intense light reflection.


Anime eyes look flattering and impressive as they are full of depth. When the depth amalgamates with expressions-animes leave long-lasting effects on the minds of their fans. Being impressed with anime eye styles; there appeared gyarus and kawaiis online; featuring anime eyes with anime circle lenses. The depth is added into anime circle lenses using a mixture of colors. This is accomplished by adding a mixture of light shade, tone and the dark shade.

Anime circle lenses do not only meet the needs of the character you are going to cosplay for an anime convention but they also fulfill the promise of beautifying your looks with amplified eyes and large pupils. It would have been impossible for Human Barbie Anastasia Shapinga to achieve huge dolly eye anime eyes without anime circle lenses. With anime circle lenses and anime big eye makeup products mainly a liquid eye liner and white pencil you can also get adorable anime eyes!


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