Anime Contacts

Creating over exaggerated doll eyes is now possible with anime eye contacts. Featuring peculiar designs with anime-centric accents & intricate details; anime eye contacts take you to the world of manga. Your obsession with fictional multi-colored orbs meet reality in the form of anime eye contacts. Anime colored lenses help create an illusion of rounder & huge eyes where every set of color combination portray special message and or type/trait of a personality.

Without appropriate anime eye contacts, it is almost impossible to achieve the same youthfulness that anime characters flaunt. Anime cosplay contacts help you display the nuances of facial expressions associated with influential anime characters. Not only do these lenses come in a variety of color combinations but also help creating an illusion of varying shapes. Variations in pupil size further leave your eyes look like highly influential manga characters.

Add sheen, emotions and unworldly opalescent mix of shades to your eye color wearing colored lenses solely created to help you cosplay anime eyes. Available in mix prescription, anime eye contacts vow to correct your vision.