Cosplay Contacts

Cosplay contacts are one of the most underrated tools to your cosplaying success. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and when cosplaying, you don’t want to just dress up like your character, you want to truly embody the person that they are. No matter how detailed your costume is, how perfect your make-up skills are, or how accurate your pose is; you cannot truly become someone else until you see the world through the same pair of eyes.

You don’t just want people to look at you and recognize who you’re trying to portray. You want their heart to skip a beat as you give them a wink with your lopsided smile and they believe that their favorite character had been brought perfectly to life.

But we understand that trying to nail the perfect contact lens can be a frustrating journey. While normal colored contacts can change the colors of your iris, it doesn’t do justice to the artist’s depiction of your beloved manga.

That is why we offer the largest online collection of affordable never-seen-before colored cosplay contact lenses made especially for cosplayers like you. Whether you are looking for more versatile but still vibrantly unique color contacts, or you want your eyes to make a clear romantic statement, our collection would have you covered for all of your cosplay needs.


Stand Out with Cosplay Colored Contacts. Make an Impression

If you are tired of being seen as just a part of the crowd at meetups or on fan sites, we’ve got your back. Our special effects and custom contacts range will be sure to put you a step beyond your competition. Scare the crowd into thinking that you’ve crawled your way from a zombie apocalypse. Convince onlookers that you have draconian blood pumping in your veins. Bewitch beguiling soul with a wink from your alluring cat eyes. With our contacts, you will never have to worry about blending in among the others at a convention or being overlooked at your Halloween party.

We know that cosplay is all about embodying a character and truly transform yourself into someone else. That is why we have selected a range of custom contact lens, designed specifically so you can accurately portray particular roles and characters. Nothing says fierce undying love and loyalty like these anime yandere contact lens. Let your equanimity seize the souls of the dead in the Death Games with Decim’s piercing blue eyes. Channel your optimistic and confident inner inventor with these specially crafted Mei Hatsume from My Hero Academia contact lens.

Don’t just cosplay on your own. Collaborate with your friends and bring a whole universe to life with our collection of universe-specific custom contact lenses. Charm your way to claiming your revenge as the charismatic pyrokinetic captain Princess Hibana opposite blunt and hot-headed Benimaru Shinmon with our Fire Force collection. Or check out our unparalleled collection of Sharingan contacts lenses and create your own Uchicha clan from the Naruto series. Our latest Demon Slayer collection can also provide the contact lens for you to cosplay the sweet Nazuko Kamado and transform with her into her demon form.


Beyond Just the Colors

Our cosplay eye contacts for don’t just come tinted with a variety of solid and soft gradient colors. We also have rarer designs made to mimic the artistic style of cartoons and anime. Get that sparkle in your eyes for a heart-melting kawaii look or emanate a more haunting presence with mesh dead-like eyes. The Sweety Anime series offers you a range of entrancing colors gradient contact lenses suitable for a mysterious and magical persona.

If you’re looking for more than just to change the colors of your iris, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to go for a scary devilish look, a helpless blind persona or a mystical elf, our full 22mm sclera lens is the perfect tool to bring your eyes to full metamorphosis. We also have a mini sclera collection that gives a more subtle change for a maximum illusionary effect. To nail that intimidating presence of a prowler or a mystic in the dark, try out our UV glow contacts for eyes that glow under black light.


Don’t Sacrifice Your Health and Comfort

Your eye health is our number one priority. From a range of trusted brands that you know and love, our contacts are artistically designed and meticulously manufactured in state of art laboratories according to strict health and safety laws so you can wear them worry-free.

Our contacts are not simply striking in design for impressive cosplay. We want to make sure that your cosplay experience is comfortable and pleasant to use so you can really focus on your act. With a variety of materials, water content and base curve, you can be sure that there is always a contact that is perfect for you. A variety of disposable periods mean that you can pick and choose when and for how long you can wear it according to your schedule.


You Are Unique. You Are Worth It

Equality and accessibility are important to us. Cosplay is not just about making an impression. The art of translating a picture from the screen to a real-life three-dimensional costume set expands your imagination and cultivates creativity. We want to make sure that nobody is forced to miss out on such a life-changing experience. Our contacts for cosplay come with a range of prescription and non-prescription variety so you and your friends can unleash your artistic ingenuity together.

We also understand that cosplay is a unique activity and your physical location may prevent you from having access to safe, high-quality colored contacts for cosplay. Getting to a specialized cosmetic store would cost you a lot of your precious time, money and effort. Our online store ensures that you can get all of the contact lenses that you would need for your cosplay with just a click of a button. Take advantage of our sales and special discount offers so you can keep on updating your costume closet for a fraction of the price.


What are cosplay contacts?

Cosplay contacts are colored contacts that specifically made for the cosplay community. They are used to perfect a character from an anime, movie, tv or video game.

Are cosplay contact lenses safe?

Same as normal colored contacts, as long as you take proper care of the cosplay contact lenses & maintain good hygiene, they are safe to wear. Also, you are advised to consult an optometrist to determine if your need prescription to determine your SPH (also know as OD/OS), Base Curve, Diameter and etc.

How long can you wear cosplay color contacts?

It varies from person to person. Some people have sensitive eyes whereas others have dry. You need to figure out the duration yourself. As a rule of thumb, do not wear cosplay contacts for more than 2 - 4 hours the first time. You can then gradually increase the duration as your eyes get used to wearing cosplay color contacts. If you are attending convention, bring an eye drops for rewetting, as well as contact lens case to store the cosplay color contacts.

How long do cosplay colored contacts last?

Cosplay colored contact are same like colored contacts. They are available in daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly disposable. It is mentioned in the product description. Cosplay colored contact are wear & tear item so the more frequent you wear, you shall dispose it before the mentioned duration. Take note that disposable period is different from expiry date.

What are your best cosplay contacts series?

Our best cosplay contacts series are Sweety Anime series & Sweety Candy series. We sold over 1000 pairs every month!

Which is your best red cosplay contacts?

Our best red cosplay contacts is Sweety Candy red, it is available up to SPH -8.00 and suitable for most of the cosplay characters. We sold over 1000 pairs of Sweety Candy red every month.

Which is your best yellow cosplay contacts?

Our best yellow cosplay contacts is Sweety Anime yellow, it is available up to SPH -10.00 and suitable for most of the cosplay characters. We sold over 1000 pairs of Sweety Anime yellow every month.

Do you sell prescription contacts for cosplay?

Yes, you will be able select your prescription via filtering. And you are advised to get a valid prescription, in order to check for suitability to wear them, and get a proper, correct sizing and fit. You can also renew your prescription with us.

How long can i store colored contacts cosplay?

If you are not planning to wear the colored contacts for cosplay in short period of time, please store them in liquid-tight contact lens case and in dry place. You will need to check solution level at least once every 3-4 weeks. This is because contact lens cases are not air tight and solution will evaporate. Replace with new solution to ensure good hygiene too.

Please dispose them after they reached expiry date.

Do you have cosplay contacts for astigmatism?

We do not sell cosplay contacts for astigmatism as contacts for astigmatism are very expensive. Fortunately, you can use formula Spherical Equivalent to convert the cylinder power to prescription power. Check here.