Sharingan Contacts

Attending a fantasy or theme party? Participating in a cosplay function as a Naruto fan (or other anime character)?  All dressed up down to the last detail and still get the feeling that something is missing?


The Sharingan lenses that we stock are just what you need.  See the wide range of sharingan lenses that we carry.  Characteristically red, variations in different designs and diameters are offered to mimic the eyes of the different anime characters.  Wear these sharingan lenses.  Be an eye-turner and instantly bond with other fans of Naruto or other anime characters.


Sharingan contact lenses were specially designed after noticing the growing interest in Naruto series. Sharingan is the unusual eye condition that is translated as copy wheel or mirror wheel eye; consisting of several pupils. The uchiha clan of Naruto anime series possesses this special ability that helps them in jutsu- ninja abilities. The characters that you will see sporting the Sharingan eyes are Sasuke Uchiha,Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake and Tobi.

Sharingan contact lenses are characterized by the thin black ring around the lens and black three to four half-moon shaped dots near cornea. Sharingan contact lenses are always red as are of the real character. Sharingan contact lenses show variations; depending upon the different characters.


Contact lens companies were clever enough and caught this fashion trend that later on became an instant success. Sharingan contact lenses are being widely appreciated in Halloween cosplays; fantasy and theme parties.


Sasuke sharingan contact lenses feature red iris with small lines present on the top and bottom of the lens. Whereas Itachi sharingan contact lenses are a set of two lenses with one iris white and the other iris blue. It has three false pupils with black thin lines that appear to rotate around the real pupil. However; the Kakashi sharingan contact lenses has thin black and white lines that seem to rotate around the real pupil. The iris here is also red with three false pupils. Tobi; yet has not unfortunately got any pair of contact lenses in the market.


If you want to mimic Naruto series or you are looking forward to attend a Naruto convention or a Naruto party; you definitely can make everything perfect with sharingan contact lenses. Be an eye turner; and create a strong bond with other Naruto fans by sharingan contact lenses!


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