Personal Hygiene: Cleansing, Comfortable Eye Drops and Solution

Contact lenses can change your life for the better in numerous ways, but even more so than eyeglasses in certain respects, all contact lenses need to be kept clean and comfortable. While wearing dirty eyeglasses is annoying, dirty contact lenses not only impair your field of vision, but they can also damage your eyes. That’s why you need a cleansing solution for your contact lenses that not only clean them thoroughly, but also help you maintain the level of comfort you need to keep those contact lenses in throughout the day. 

Our Complete Travel Size Multi-Purpose Solution accomplishes both of those goals, all while coming in a coming in a convenient size that allows you the freedom to travel anywhere with the knowledge that if you need them, your eyesight boost product is there for you to provide you with a fresh outlook, both literally and figuratively. 

Our solution comes formulated such that it will kill a wide range of bacteria and microorganisms that can give your eyes trouble and leave you feeling less than great. It also rewets the contact lenses so that you can continue on with your day, your night or whatever you’re doing in comfort. 

Finally, you can purchase a travel case along with our tired eyes eye drops to complete your total package of eyesight clarity and eye health protection. When those eyes get tired, as they will after hours of focusing, our eye drops will replenish their energy and keep you moving with the focus you need.

Take a look at what we have to offer below, and if you trust our solution, travel case and eye drops, your eyes will thank you for it! You can view our Rohto C Cube Eye Drops and Tire Eye Relief here, too.


*p/s: If unfortunately your contact lens solution or eye drops was expired, read 5 Brilliant Ways to Reuse It!