Sweety Anime Series

There are no better anime eyes contact lenses than Sweety Anime series. The outstanding color combination and design with anime-specific accents provide the series an edge over other costume contacts. The luxurious concoction of brilliant hues & opaque pigments make these lenses stand out. Available in an array of 8 striking hues, Sweety anime series has been the best seller ever since it was launched. Available in mix prescription up to -10.00, Sweety anime eyes contact lenses are a dream of every cosplayer. Ideal for cosplay events, fancy dress shows & costume parties, the anime eyes contact lenses will definitely get the town talking for you.

Delivering a sudden punch of energy; the charismatic combination of vibrant hues make your eyes appear expressive. Being anime centric, the lenses carry a boisterous design that mimics even the narrow details of anime eyes. Creating an illusion of bold, round, more deeper and awakened eyes; Sweety anime eyes contact lenses create dissonance that take your costume by storm.

Undeniably, all the fun color combinations with gold specs surrounding the rim represent optimism & energy. Although overwhelming for every day looks, these anime eyes contact lenses may be a breathtaking addition if you are a kind of an adventurous personality, not afraid of playing around with their looks.