Contact Lens Accessories

Unless you wear daily disposable contact lenses, you need a couple of accessories to sanitize and keep your contacts clean. We have a wide variety of uber-cute & fancy contact lens cases that can match your aesthetic. By adding a kawaii touch, our contact lens accessories are both decorative & functional.


  • Contact Lens Kits

Perfect for cosplayers, performing artists and frequent travelers, our lens kits and accessories are designed to hold just the right tools needed. Our travel kits come with a mirror, forceps and suction stick to help you handle contact lenses more efficiently. The kit will also pass through airport TSA with no problems as well!


  • Contact Lens Cleaner Machine

Particularly aimed at cosplayers and SFX makeup artists, our lens cleaner machine uses ultrasonic waves to create a scrubbing effect on the surface of contacts without wear and tear. It helps by breaking down stubborn makeup gunk invisible to naked eye, protein and lipid debris. Own a dozen of colored lenses? Grab the lens cleaner machine and clean your contacts in a jiffy!