Pink Contacts

Pink contact lenses are a new fashion item that has been loved and appreciated by fashion gurus. They are getting more and more attention from anime characters and Japanese fashion models lately.


Perfect Choice For Everyone

Pink color are perfect in delivering the amazing awe-inspiring effects on light skin tones and light hairs. Therefore, no wonder people are after this color recently.

If you are a blonde or have red hair undertones, eye contacts pink should be the best solution to your fashion eye accessories’ hunt. Most importantly, this color has the ability to transform your look in a blink of an eye.

You can find pink contacts in nude, three tones and in different sizes of diameter. Depending upon your fashion sense and style, you can choose any pattern from very natural to very intricate.


Pink Contacts Unleash Your Feminine Side

Your wardrobe won't be complete without contact lenses in pink. With the help of pink circle lenses you can add a warm tone to your eyes that is slightly transparent and girly.

Complements your cosplay outfits with bright pink eye contacts. Glam up your doll or princess looks with subtle pink hues on Halloween party. Or create your cute daily look with soft pink color.

At Uniqso, you can select natural looking, vibrant color or even big-eye design. But if you are looking for more darker pink, try our lovely violet colored contacts.

Pink colored contacts has been a fashion trend among cosplayers or for special theatrical performances and events like Halloween. So, go ahead and find one (or two) for yourself.

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