White Contacts

The white colored contacts are definitely the most famous Halloween cosplay lenses by far. You will never go wrong with this versatile lens as you can create thousands of different looks. Ghosts, ghoul, demons, zombies, blinds, skeletons and more! The only limit is your imaginations.


Deadly Stare

Be the centre of attention, look scary and cast shocking undead gazes. Our white contacts Halloween with solid pigmentation ensure eerie makeovers. Without the choice of the right cosplay contacts, it is impossible to achieve creepy looks.


Completely opaque and boasting grotesque designs, our eye contacts white color collection leave everyone appalled. They have great coverage over your eyes, you won’t even see the color of your eyes through them at all.


With the dramatic effects, no one will hardly take their eyes off you. Not a ghost of a chance. The white eye contacts create a creepy effect that you can use for a number of looks. Level up your game and try UV white contact lenses for a horrid emergence.


Perfect For Spooky Look, Great For White-Eye Characters

White contact lenses are not only meant for scary monsters. They are also great for cute and fierce cosplay! Think about Toph from Avatar, Saitama from One Punch Man, Hinata Hyuga from Naruto and Storm from The Xmen.


The crawling sensation that our reptilian white contacts emit is beyond conceptualization. Turn your Halloween costume into a real life spine-chilling enactment with our teeth-chattering white cosplay contacts. They are designed to terrorize the audience and haunt anybody who comes across you.