Mini Sclera Contacts

Go louder and bolder with mini sclera contacts. These SFX contacts are the pièce de resistance to the success of your creepy cosplays. Raise the undead or morph under the full moon. Expand your pupils or forego them altogether. Your soul is free to embody any inhuman character this Hallow’s Eve with mini sclera contact lenses.



Halloween, Cosplay and Theatrics

Contact lenses have long developed beyond the simple color swap. Mini sclera contacts are designed to imbue a particular effect to your overall look. A ghoul cosplay calls for blood-red irises with large dark rims that haunt your dreams. Topping a monster costume with eerie wolf eyes will shake onlookers to their core. Cosplaying a blind character is hardly convincing without pupils that play the part.

Blockbuster movies and horror TV shows have long utilized contact lenses as part of their visual effect. Now your theatrical project can replicate this effect with mini sclera from UNIQSO online store.


Make Bold Statements with Mini Sclera Contacts

Mini sclera gives a dramatic effect due to its larger diameter. Unlike the typical 14mm lenses which are meant to mimic the size of your natural irises, mini sclera contacts measure 17mm, covering the irises completely for total transformation. The opaque pigments and vibrant contrast will carve into the courage of any mortal. Stand out against a sea of undead and monsters at parties and parades.

But don’t just limit yourself to the unhinged and psychotic. With the right mini sclera, you can achieve entrancing doll-like pupils with a touch of whimsical fantasy. Hide yourself no more. Open the window to your soul and let your big personality shine through the mini sclera.