Cat Eyes Contacts

Unleash Your Feline Side with Halloween Cat Eye Contacts

Get the Purr-fect Look

Our Halloween cat eye contacts, also known as cat eyes contact lens or cat eye contact lenses prescription, are designed to transform your eyes into those of a mysterious feline creature. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or cosplay events, these lenses will make a lasting impression.


Know the Limitations: Rotation

It's essential to understand that cat eye contacts may rotate when not weighted. Even with the weighted technology, some minimal rotation may occur. However, this shouldn't stop you from enjoying your striking new look.


Prescription Options Available

Our cat eye contact lenses come with prescription options, ensuring that you can achieve your desired appearance without compromising on vision. Choose from a range of powers to suit your needs.


Be the Cat's Meow

Take your costume to the next level with our captivating Halloween cat eye contacts. Enjoy the attention and admiration as you rock your feline-inspired look with confidence.


Please Note:

  1. Cat eye contacts may rotate slightly, even with weighted technology. Minimal rotation is expected, but it's essential to be aware of this limitation when wearing these lenses.
  2. Cat eye contacts may rotate or spin as contacts are supposed to float on the cornea for sufficient oxygen transmission.


What are cat eye contacts?

Cat eye contacts are colored contact lenses that feature the iconic vertical pupil in the middle that makes you look like a real cat.

Are cat eye contacts safe to wear?

Yes, as long as you take proper care of the colored contact lenses & maintain good hygiene, they are safe to wear.

Also, you are advised to consult an optometrist to check if you need prescription for your SPH (also know as OD/OS), Base Curve, Diameter and etc.

Do you sell cat eye contacts with prescription?

Yes, you will be able select your prescription via filtering. And you are advised to get a valid prescription, in order to check for suitability to wear them, and get a proper, correct sizing and fit. You can also renew your prescription with us.

Do your cat eye contacts rotate?

Yes & no. We do have cat eye contacts manufactured with prism ballast technology to minimize rotation/ spinning.

You can check if the cat eye contacts are manufactured with this technology in product description.

How to do perfect cat eye makeup?

For a perfect cat eye makeup, you shall get the right color cat eye contacts (which you are intended to cosplay) and best with clipped on cat ears.

Do you have realistic cat eye contacts?

Yes, you can try our Sweety Crazy Cat Snowshoe. It was designed to match the real cat eye almost 100%.