Cat Eyes Contacts

Resurrect your cat costume and take it by storm on the stage! With events like Halloween approaching, you need a pair of cat eye contacts to make that edgy boom you need for recognition. Our cat eye contacts feature the iconic vertical pupil that change your cosplay game in instants. Boasting opaque pigmentation, our premium quality cat eye contacts are bound to make a purr-fect impact. Available in an array of colors, the lenses are non-corrective meant only for cosplay & relevant photoshoot.

Go whacky and wild with incredible & immediate transformation. The cat eye contacts are ideal for rave gatherings, extreme outfit & Halloween. Not only do these cosplay contacts help you bring about a bespoke change in your appearance, they also spruce you up as a person for an astounding everyday look. If you have what it takes then get into wild costume & team up with fellow vampires. Join the herd of monsters or present yourself as a crazy feline. The mystique blue cat eye contacts do the trick for staying etched in people’s memories or test red cat eye contacts for that sudden blow of smite, wild cats are known for!

Be the creepiest of the creature. Don a slinky cat look paired with our comfortable cosplay contacts & wet black jacket to compliment your cosplay look. Hypnotize your prey with intense & merciless reptilian gaze before you enjoy devouring the flesh!


Cat eye contacts may rotate or spin as contacts are supposed to float on the cornea for sufficient oxygen transmission.