Maid Costume

Celebrate your vigor & add more to your dainty-self with our trendiest Lolita maid costume. Sewn from high quality, breathable & soft uniform fabric; our maid costumes employ finest colors where even the narrowest details are done with premium attention.


Our Lolita Maid costumes are available in array of designs & colors. Since Café maid uniform vary café to café; we have made sure you get the largest collection of maid costumes to embrace the anime in you. From ruffled to lace; our maid costumes are fully packaged, delivering you not only the costume but also the other essentials. We take pride on our un-paralleled prices & entire range that let you pick a hue as per your own personality.


Japanese maid costumes are widely appreciated among young costume players. Due to the diversity, café waitress maid costumes are considered multi-purpose. Either enjoy performing at a convention wearing favorite café maid costume or put it on, for a lovely Lolita transformation. You are welcomed to be a Japanese darling, a show-stopper and a sweet Lolita with our top-notch maid costumes made from 100% uniform fabric.