GEO CH623 Nudy Green

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These scintillating green contacts make your eyes appear enigmatic. Carrying a doll-like enlargement; Geo Nudy green eye contacts are perfect to registering a style statement. The conspicuous hues manipulate the size of the iris and make them appear big that shine bright incredibly.

Designed to bring you the ultimate comfort that lasts forever; Geo Nudy green contacts are a choice of fashionistas & style gurus. These non-prescription contacts is a call for everyone who enjoys staying in the limelight. The stunning strong pigments that are inspired from jade & emerald bewitch you with the glistening sparkle of the crystals.

Currently available in non-prescription only, Geo Nudy offer an unparalleled color-change effect. They are good at accentuating one’s original color. They blend in seamlessly, appearing like a true color of your eyes. Geo Nudy green contacts add a fascinating pop to your eyes and turn you into the gem of a night.

Capable of turning all heads for you, these nonprescription contacts make you a beauty goddess. They are engineered thoughtfully where the design seems to spell-bound with the diamond-cuts. The icicle limbal ring dramatizes the entire effect yet keep you looking natural.

Stylize yourself with these exquisite nonprescription colored contacts. Before ordering check out our promotions & discounts- Who knows you might get lucky today?

Diameter 14.2mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case
Processing Time 2-3 working days

You can select your power from the drop down list, it's same power for both lenses. For mix of power, please choose 1 from the drop down list and key in 1 in the column below the drop down list. Please check stock availability in the drop down list 1st. Just like below.

  1. If it's out of stock, it will prompt out of stock notice.
  2. If the power is not shown, it means we do not have that power.
  3. If there is no column shown below the Select Power, it means power comes in same per pair, so you have to get 2 pairs for different prescription.

how to select mix power

Please take note that 12 months replacement period is a maximum period you can use. After you opened the lenses, it depends on the frequency you used. It's wear and tear product, the more frequent you use, you shall dispose it in shorter period time frame. The longest you can use is 12 months. Says you used it every day, then we advise you to dispose it within 3 months.

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