Sclera Contacts

Surviving a bloody zombie apocalypse can only be conceptualized until it comes Halloween. Creating hard core & cringe-worthy SFX makeup sees no limits. Ignite your gory creativity & satisfy your blood-dripping SFX looks using theatrical sclera contacts (some may call it scalera/scelera). Our sclera contact lenses send shivers down the spine and hold your victim petrified. Unleash your spooky side, wearing 100% opaque high quality scleral contact lenses.

Turn your whole body into an illustration of art-work, or simply melt down the bones. Possibilities with sclera contact lenses are endless for gore lovers. We bet, with our creepiest collection of sclera contact lenses, you won’t be even needing a costume. Draping over layers of latex, you can freak others out with blood-splattered & skin tattered makeup looks. We have over 100+ designs of scleral contact lenses, each holding an untold wrecking story in itself.

These venomous and fire spitting eyes are not for faint-hearted. Scleral contact lenses are known to curdle blood in the veins. Itching to add a demonic touch to your skeletal bony-makeup? Or wishing to knock all dead on Hallow’s Eve? We proudly unveil our monstrous catalogue below. Gear up & brace yourself for the unexpected. The journey has just begun!



  • We ensure our scleral contact lenses are made from high quality pigments that do not bleed. However, being 22mm in size, these lenses can be uncomfortable and difficult to handle for beginners. We recommend using crazy Halloween contact lenses with standard diameter if you do not boast a well-versed experience in gore makeup under your belt.
  • Science-fiction scleral contacts may need mobility assistance as customers have reported visual obstruction. Wear at your own risk.