Get the ultimate warmth & snuggling affection of Japanese Kigurumis. These adorable, fun to wear multi-purpose onesies keep you warm, help you feel relaxed on a lazy Sunday & transform you completely into a sweet cartoon character. Kigurumis are one piece character-related outfits that are fastened by easy buttons.


Our Kigurumis are made from super soft fleece. They are loose to ensure the maximum comfort. Available in several designs & colors, Kigurumis add fun to your wardrobe. These cosplay costumes were earlier intended only at cosplay performers but the convenience & comfort has flared up the craze for the home users.


Advantages of Kigurumi

  1. Facilitates mobility
  2. Lightweight jumpsuits; perfect for cold nights
  3. Couple Kigurumis make the perfect romantic dates
  4. Ensures sound sleep


Washing Kigurumis:

Kigurumi PJs help you maintain your style. These Kawayii Japanese PJs are easy to wash. Turn them inside out and machine wash. For the first wash use cold water to help the color gets fixed. Adding a fabric softener is recommended to keep your Kigurumi soft.