To bring your Baizhu and Kaveh cosplays from Genshin Impact to life, attention to detail is key, especially when it comes to their captivating eye colors. We've curated a list of recommended cosplay contact lenses that will help you achieve the perfect look. Whether it's Baizhu's mesmerizing yellow gold slit eyes or Kaveh's enchanting pinkish brown slit eyes with an ombre effect, our lenses will make your cosplay outstanding.
1.Sweety Crazy Mystery Orb Orange Feature a stunning slit-eye design with a captivating transition from orange to yellow gold, perfectly matching Baizhu's eye color. The subtle tin rim adds a slight enlarging effect, enhancing your overall appearance. These lenses offer clear vision and are available with prescription options.
2.The Sweety Crazy Red Demon Eye / Cat Eye  Designed to mimic the unique pupil pattern found in anime, making them a perfect choice for emulating Baizhu's captivating eyes. These lenses feature a mesmerizing flare ombre pattern transitioning from yellow to darker red, creating an enchanting rim effect that enhances your overall appearance. While they may slightly narrow your vision due to the slit design, they still offer clear visibility. Please note that prescription options are not available for this design.
3.Sweety Anime Red: If you prefer a vibrant red shade with yellow highlights, the Sweety Anime Red lenses are an excellent choice. The vibrant red transitioning to yellow offers a captivating ombre effect, perfectly matching Baizhu's eye color. These lenses provide clear vision, and prescription options are available for those who require them.
1.Sweety Infinity Brownish Pink perfectly match Kaveh's distinct eye color. With a natural blend of brownish pink and a delicate dark rim, these lenses create an enlarging effect and seamlessly blend with your original eye color. The result is a stunning and realistic appearance that closely resembles Kaveh's eyes. Enjoy clear vision while capturing the essence of this character.
2.Sweety Anime Tear Orange These lenses have a brownish orange color with captivating highlights that will add an extra pop of vibrancy to your cosplay. The unique shade perfectly complements Kaveh's eye color, bringing your portrayal to life.
3.Sweety Anime Red While this lens recommendation also applies to Baizhu, the Sweety Anime Red lenses can beautifully complement Kaveh's eye color as well. The vibrant red shade offers an eye-catching appearance that captures the essence of both characters.
for ChangSheng If you're interested in cosplaying Baizhu's pet snake, Changsheng, with an anthropomorphic twist, consider the Sweety Crazy Demon Slayer Tengen Uzui lenses. These lenses feature a purple color mesh design that perfectly matches Changsheng's unique aesthetic, elevating your cosplay to new heights.