Best Selling Fashion/Cosmetic Contacts

Make your cosplay expressive enough to last long in people’s memories. Without right costume contact lenses, you are definitely going to miss the fun! Available in prescription and non-prescription, our costume contact lenses are super pigmented with such a mind-blowing opacity that will ensure a spell-binding experience for young and adults alike. Approved from ISO, KFDA & enjoying CE certification, our costume contact lenses are safe to wear, provided proper care & maintenance have been followed.

We take pride in our monstrous collection of cosplay contact lenses below that have been selected thoughtfully after consumers’ choice. Being the hot-seller, the contact lenses below have to be restocked several times hence we recommend grabbing your favorite cosplay contact lenses as quickly as possible or wait until the next inventory. We bet, even waiting will be worth it!


Costume contact lenses are manufactured using opaque dyes. Some designs may also obstruct vision or create tunnel vision.Have a look at our contact lens accessories to handle costume lenses easily & comfortably.