Blind Contacts

Complete your whacky transformation with super spooky blind contacts. These all white frightening contacts are enough to send a terror attack. Masking your eyes fully, even covering the pupil hole; these blind contact lenses make you look numb & lifeless. Cause a massive fright this Halloween by choosing one of the blind contact lenses available online.

Blind white contact lenses are not for the faint of heart. They make you look like a flesh-mongering, atrocious zombie. Perfect for almost every horrendous cosplay, these white blind contacts are a bet that you never lose. With all white lenses, you can join just any zombie apocalypse. The dreading whiteness creeps into your bones causing a shrill chill.

Blind contact lenses are made using 100% opaque pigments. They may be thicker than usual to help cover the dark eyes. Be a robot, a vampire, a super hero or a demonic entity; blind white contacts are perfect for just any intimidating transformation. Making you appear deadly and gore, these blind lenses are striking yet scary.

White blind contacts are also available in 22mm that cover your cornea edge to edge. They are packed with tremendous fear, outrageous wickedness & a ghostly aura. Check out the collection below to choose between the sizes from standard to mini sclera and full sclera blind white lenses.


  • Blind white contact lenses obstruct your vision. As mentioned, these are blinding contacts but made from high quality FDA approved material. Although, they do not impair your vision, it is HIGHLY recommended to use mobility assistance. Not a dare-devil? Wear white mesh lenses
  • Browse through the collection of white contacts for a plethora of designs. WARNING: Our monstrous catalogue of Halloween contacts may hold you numb & paralysed. Check on your own risk.