Light Color

We present you an exquisite collection of light colored contact lenses that accentuate your eye color just the way you want. The realistic design patterns featuring mono tones and alluring amalgamation of multiple hues make this range of light colored contact lenses a pretty surprise for beauty junkies.


Our Korean origin colored contact lenses boast ISO & CE certifications that make them safe to wear for elderly & school-going alike. To accomplish the enchanting big eye look, wear colored contact lenses with an over-emphasized outer ring. The black, bold ring that surrounds colored contact lenses help you achieve a youthful look. On the other hand, wear translucent colored contact lenses from the heavenly collection below, with a subdued outer ring to flaunt soft natural looks.


Add warmth & elegance to your peppers wearing colored contact lenses, tailored to particularly fit the needs of customers with light eyes. Have fun exploring the subtle collection for an enviable everyday look that bewitches everyone. These lenses create a well-blended look that softly enhance your iris, make them look dolly & add charisma to your persona.


Try opaque colored lenses if you are looking for an overwhelming effect. These breathable colored contact lenses provide effortless mind-blowing looks that keep you look stunningly beautiful.