Prescription Contacts

Only after a contact lens exam in addition to comprehensive eye exam, your doctor will be able to decide which contact lens will best suit you. Contact lenses made to conform to glasses prescription may lead to vision imperfections & added strain on your eyes. Since glasses stay at a distance of 12mm and contact lenses sit directly on your eyes; the prescription of glasses will be stronger for contact lenses.

Prescription Colored Contacts & your Rights

Prescription contact lenses do not however mean you always need to show prescription in order to purchase your supply. Your optometrist is bound to provide you a written copy of your prescription by law upon your request. It must contain information like base curve, size, water content and the brand. Although most of the doctors suggest private label contacts that could only be purchased via them, you can make a request to suggest a well-known brand if you intend to buy your prescription contacts online.

You do not need to pay a fee or sign a waiver in order to collect your prescription. You are not obligated to buy your contacts from the place where your prescription was issued. If your doctor insists you, simply refuse. This is an illegal practice and must be condemned. You own rights to buy your contacts from just anywhere you wish to.

Buying Prescription Colored Contacts

Most of the Western countries do not allow the unregulated sale of prescription colored contacts. In States you can buy your prescription colored contacts from your eye doctor only. In other parts of North America, buying prescription colored contacts could make a hole in your budget due to strict legislation.

When buying online, you have innumerable options to meet your specific concerns. If you are an athlete or have sensitive eyes; we suggest buying daily disposable prescription colored contacts. Monthly disposable and annual disposable contacts are also available.

Prescription Colored Contacts for Myopia & Hyperopia

Myopia is commonly known as “nearsightedness” where you have difficulty seeing distant objects. Hyperopia is the exact opposite of the former and is commonly known as “Farsightedness” where nearby objects seem blurry. The highest corrective power for myopia is -12.00 whereas the average prescription is -2.00. Select your prescription colored contacts from our wide variety of designs & colors and that too at the same cost you would buy your cosmetic contacts.