White Wig

Looking for a pure cosplay wig white in color can be a nightmare. We get it. Sometimes the color is not white enough and most of the time, the white wigs could cost you a fortune.


High-Quality Wigs With Affordable Price

We understand the frustration very much. That is why at Uniqso, we are determined to provide you with high-quality white wigs for a fair price. We have all the designs, different shades and diverse lengths of white wigs that you can choose from.


The white wigs we offer you are so easy to style. You can fluff, spike or layer them. Style them with a bit of hairspray or tease the wig to add some volume. You can also play around with the wigs either by trimming or cutting them to your prefered length.


Find the best white cosplay wig at Uniqso. Our wigs are perfect for any white-haired cosplay characters such as Neutrophil from Cells at Work, Nate River from Death and Byakuran Gesso from Hitman Reborn. You will definitely find one that fits your needs. 


Comfortable Wigs, You’d Wear Them All Day Long

Apart from being a great choice to dress up your costume, our white wigs are also great for everyday wear. They are so comfortable, you won’t even remember that you are wearing a wig!


The color selections are amazing and look pretty much natural. You will be looking amazing in this wig! Best of all, they won’t shed.


In addition, the wigs are soft, silky and thick. They would fit nicely on your head and frame your face perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our cosplay wig in white collections now.