Wig Brush

Let’s face it – we’ve all been through that rather dreadful moment where our costume wig gets extremely frizzy to the extent of being all tangled up. Not gonna lie, this is a pretty disastrous situation to be, especially if you have an important event coming right up. Obviously, throwing your wig away is not the best solution. Why give up on something useful just because the mess is too hard to handle? Trust us when we say that there’s an easier and faster way to restore tangled costume wigs - by using a wig brush of course!


Say Goodbye to ‘Bad Wig’ Day!

The best way to make your costume wig look brand new is by using the Brainbow Detangling Wig Comb. More than just a comb, this wig brush restores your costume wig’s condition by detangling the synthetic hair and smoothening it in an instant. Yup, it’s that easy!

The Brainbow Detangling Wig Comb also doesn’t cause wig shedding because it’s made with rounded tips. The wide gap between each bristle allows it to glide smoothly between the wig fibre. Thanks to these features, you can rest assure that this wig brush won’t be snagging or roughly pulling hair strands off the wig.


Detangle, Revive, and Prevent Frizziness with a Detangling Wig Brush

You can achieve soft, smooth, and untangled costume or daily-used wigs with the Multilayer Detangling Wig Comb. Using a synthetic wig brush is the best go-to method that keeps your wigs beautiful, tidy, and neat.

Furthermore, brushing with the Multilayer Detangling Wig Comb prolongs the life of your wigs as well. In fact, it’s so simple to use and certainly doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s indeed the perfect care product for all your wigs. 


Wait No More!

Add this item to your cart now! You no longer have to deal with messy and frizzy wigs before your next Halloween party or big cosplay event. So, be sure to have at least one in your vanity for easy wig maintenance.