Wigs for Sale

Wigs are a must-have in everyone’s beauty toolbox and our wig store boasts a wide collection of affordable high-quality wigs for sale. Whether you’re curious to try something new or you want the convenience of pre-styled hair, wigs are the perfect solution. You can try out a new look or transform yourself for a day quickly and conveniently without the worry of damaging your hair. Even if you wake up to a bad hair day and you can be sure that you will look amazing even with little time to prepare.


Discover Your Perfect Hair at UNIQSO's Online Wig Store

UNIQSO provides you with a range of high-quality synthetic wigs at affordable prices. From wacky buns to elegant braids; from stunning Vocaloid to charming lolita, we offer wigs of various styles and lengths. For daily wear at work, to shine bright at parties or to exude a compelling presence at conventions, our wigs have got you covered. Find the right hair for you at UNIQSO's online wig store.


Convenient Life Savers

Have you ever wanted to experiment with a new hairdo but you haven’t decided if it fits you? You don’t want to go through the process of perming, dyeing or cutting your hair and only then realize that you’ve made a mistake. If you are a cosplayer, you want to be able to switch your hairstyle to suit your different characters. Get yourself a wig from our wig store and you don’t have to worry about permanently ruining your hair.


We all have days when our hair refuses to cooperate. Anyone with curly hair will remember the days when they try in vain to tame those stubborn frizzes. Perhaps you may be going through a lot in your life and your hair is lacking its life and shine. Or maybe your hair is exhausted from all of the stylings and just needs a bit of a break. Your hair can make or break your look and you want your crowning glory to be spectacularly immaculate. UNIQSO's wig store can save you from hair disasters when these nasty surprises pop up.


Why Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs are affordable, convenient and require low maintenance. Advancements in manufacturing technology have brought us high-quality synthetic wigs that look just as natural as those made with human hair. Lace front wigs can create a realistic illusion of a natural hairline. With their great style retention, our wigs last for approximately 6-7 months with good care, or longer when used infrequently. Cosplayers can have the freedom to try out more costumes without breaking the bank. In fact, with our low prices, you can easily build a collection for all occasions. Why spend hours for multiple expensive hair styling sessions when you can get that premium look at such a bargain at our wig store online?


We want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. Unlike natural wigs, synthetic wigs retain their style and volume regardless of the weather and level of humidity. You can wash it at night, and with a light brushing, have it ready for wear the next morning. Our wigs are also made from heat-resistant synthetic fiber. Now you are free to style them and truly make them your own.


So, grab a cap and give yourself a new do. UNIQSO has the perfect wigs for you.