Immerse yourself in the world of Oshi no Ko! Embody Ai's allure, Ruby's zest, and Aqua's determination right from your eyes. As we prepare for the exciting launch of our star eye mesh series,  explore our current line of clear vision substitute lenses! Enhance your cosplay with an authentic Oshi no Ko touch!
Ai Hoshino charms with unique eyes featuring a dark purple base offset by light pink highlights. To authentically replicate this look, we recommend the Sweety Anime Tear Violet cosplay contacts. They match Hoshino Ai's eye colors excellently, with a similar blend of violet and pink tones. Besides, they provide clear, unobstructed vision, making them perfect for anime conventions and events. Embrace Hoshino Ai's mesmerizing gaze and enhance your cosplay experience with these lenses.
Aqua has unique two-toned blue eyes. To mimic this captivating look, we recommend the Sweety Anime Tear Blue cosplay contacts. They match Aquamarine's eye color accurately with similar darker and lighter blue tones. Offering clear vision, these lenses are perfect for your next cosplay event, encapsulating the enchanting gaze of Hoshino Aquamarine.
Ruby Hoshino possesses captivating eyes, blending two shades of pink - a darker base offset by lighter pink highlights. For a spot-on representation of Ruby's eye color, we suggest the Sweety Anime Tear Pink cosplay contacts. These lenses mimic the two-tone pink color scheme perfectly and provide clear vision for any event. Embody Ruby's cheerful idol persona with these lenses and bring your cosplay experience to life.
" Kana Arima, captures hearts with her distinct pinkish-red eyes. To emulate her enchanting gaze, we recommend the Sweety Anime 2 Red cosplay contacts. These lenses feature a deep red base with light pink undertones, capturing Kana's unique eye color perfectly. "
Mem-cho, a fellow member of Ruby's idol group B Komachi from Oshi no Ko, sports striking cyan/turquoise eyes. To emulate this vivid color, we recommend the Sweety Anime Turquoise cosplay contacts. These lenses replicate Mem-cho's eye color flawlessly, adding a vibrant highlight to your eyes.
Akane Kurokawa, Kana's rival and equally smitten with Aquamarine, is characterized by her dark green eyes that reflect her shy yet astute personality. For an accurate portrayal of Akane's distinctive gaze, we recommend the Sweety Queen Sapphire cosplay contacts. These lenses closely mirror Akane's dark green eye color, making them the perfect choice for her cosplay.