We’ve done our Top 10 Halloween Costumes, now are you ready for the Top 10 Halloween Contact Lenses to complement your Halloween looks this year? UNIQSO stocks a huge collection of colored contact lenses including sclera lenses that are in high quality, comfortable to wear Halloween contact lenses that won’t break your bank. Be sure to drop by our UNIQSO online store for more awesome party accessories.

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Halloween parties are never short ofghosts and witches.Barbie Crazy Whiteout makes the perfect Halloween contact lens because it looksreally creepy, especially with a lot of dark eye make-up, long dishevelledhair, and ghostly white night gowns. You will never go wrong with this one. Infact, the Barbie Crazy Whiteout is on the top of our list because, any solidwhite contact lens will bring the spook level a few notches up.

Like the name sake, Volturi isperfect for your Vampire impersonation. Cue the twilight saga soundtracks. Besure to match this lens with your vampire fangs and fake blood to perfect thelook. Other than that, this pair is also perfect if you are dressing up as Darth Maul from Star Wars,The Phantom Menace. Red colored contact lenses can easily add vengefulness toyour appearance, so you can match this with a demonic outfit, and accessorizewith horns and dark lipstick for your Halloween look this year.

Give your friends a hell of a frightwith this Hellraiser pair, perfect if you’re going to be “Pinhead” thisHalloween. This 14.5mm colored Halloween contact lens is also easy on the eye andmatches with just about any gothic outfits. If you are just going for a simplerlook, this lens will be an added bonus for a more striking appearance.

You want to pair this scary scleralens with the demonic sister Valakcostume. In fact, this contact lens alone is enough to send a chill down yourspine with any supernatural costumes. Replicate an undead or zombie with thiscontact lens for a dramatic look or simply pair this ghostly contact lens withsmudged make-ups and an eerie, wide smile.

Rock amonstrous look with this red sclera lens to hype up the Halloween atmosphere atthe party. The devil wears flash red sclera lens. Match this pair of fullcoverage sclera lens with a devil outfit to raise hell on earth. If you arelooking for a simpler fashion, why not try the skeleton look with black hoody, excessiveass-like face with dark eye make-up to recreate the hollow eye sockets, andfinish the look with this lens.   

Are you a Jake Sully or Neytiri fromthe movie Avatar? These Yellow Sclera will complement the blue alien suitperfectly. You can wear Phantasee UV glow yellow sclera lens and be the centerof attention at the party especially when the others can see your glowing eyesin the dark. Go bold or go home. You will hit home run with this pair of lensesfor the best-dressed Halloween costume.  

JaredLeto in Suicide Squad will surely approve of this pair of contact lenses,oh that intense eyes of his! If you’re a seasoned cosplayer, you will know howa pair of coloredcontact lenses can really enhance your overall look. The grey coloredcontact lens goes well with fancy anime wigs for example this silverywhite wig or even an outrageous one like this pokemonsword and shield-marnie for a dramatic back-to-schoollook. Remember to add some fake blood stains on the outfit to rock yourHalloween party.

This pair of green contact lenses isso fun to wear that it goes well with any Halloween costume such as this cute KigurumiOnesie Green Snake costume, or you can gofor the usual witchcostume with a twist by wearing this lens. Don’t be afraid to try on differentcolored contact lens to match with your Halloween costumes.

Take your Halloween costume frombeing normal to nightmarish with this amulet reborn sclera lenses and be readyto freak the living daylight out of those who dare look into your eyes. Pair thislens with any monster or demon costumes. It also goes well with ghoulishmake-up and fake pukes dribbling from your mouth. Pull off your Halloween lookby pairing this sclera lens with an extra-longwig.