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A newbie to wearing colored contact lens? Fret not, this article will walk you through the basics of colored contact lens and you’ll be rocking them on special occasions or on normal days in no time. Contact Lenses are thin plastic layers that fit over the cornea. Most people wear contact lens to correct their vision problems. In the market, contact lens for astigmatism and short-sightedness are the common ones. 

Colored contact lenses, also known as decorative lenses are often worn to enhance the appearance of the eyes or just to add a touch of fun element to one’s appearance. These colored contact lenses not only change the color of your pupils but some may also reshape the pupils, which is why colored contact lenses are very popular amongst the cosplayers! 

Why Colored Contact Lens?

The primary function of a colored contact lens is to change the natural color of the iris, with the aim to enhance one’s eye color. Colored contact lens plays a huge part for cosplayers in achieving the desired look. For example, pair a pink circle lens with Gasai Yuno wig and costume to complete the look.

In addition, your spook level will definitely increase a few notches when you complete your Halloween look with the right pair of colored contact lens.

Colored Contact Lens Based on Your Iris Color

Nowadays, you can purchase colored contact lens conveniently on colored contacts online store, which stocks a wide variety of contact lens choices ranging from the natural series, circle lens, to sclera lens. Typically, natural colored contact lens is the go-to choices for daily use to enrich one’s natural eye colors and improve the overall appearance. Some will go for circle lens to achieve a more dramatic effect such as giving the illusion of bigger anime-like eyes. Unlike your daily lenses, sclera lens are designed to make you look enigmatic, creepy, or even surreal with cartoonish effects. How do you choose colored contact lens that is right for you?

When choosing colored contact lens, you may want to consider how the color matches the original color of your iris. The right fit should give your appearance a natural yet attractive effect. On the other hand, if you’re going for the outrageous end result, head the opposite way.

Dark Color Iris

If you have natural dark colored iris, brown contact lens or those with brown undertone such as hazel and honey-colored lens are great choices to start off with if you are just looking to enhance your eye colors. Besides that, dark color lens are also suitable for dark iris like this dark blue series. Add a subtle change with contact lens that features fine patterns like this green, and grey contact lenses.

However, if you want to go for a dramatic look, you can choose contact lens that features opaque or non-transparent tints. For example, a violet contact lens will definitely give you an added sweetness.  

Light Color Iris

On the contrary, if you have lighter iris color, you can go for colored contact lens that comes in brighter shades like aqua and turquoise to create a dazzling effect; Play around with colors and patterns like these blue and grey colored contact lens to recreate different looks to match different outfits and styles.

Colored Contact Lens Based on Hair Color

Black or Blonde hair

Both dark and light hair colors go well with just about any colored contact lens. Blue, green or violet colors are popular choices. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colored contact lens such as grey, pink and multi-tones to re-create different looks. There are also different sizes of colored contact lens, from the natural size of 14mm, to the 16.5mm circle lens with a more pronounced limbal ring for a youthful look.

Red hair

Just take a look at Princess Anna from “Frozen” and her mesmerising blue eyes. Need we say more? Blue colored contact lens creates a striking contrast with red hair. Try a sweet blue contact lens to re-create the Arendelle princess look. If there’s one color that is a perfect match for red hair, it has to be green. Choose a brighter shade of green if your red hair is of darker gradient. On the other hand, darker green contact lens suits those who have lighter shades of red hair. Can’t decide whether to go for blue or green, why not go between with a turquoise colored contact lens.

Brown hair

You will not go wrong with the hazel or brown colored contact lens to match your brown hair. Brown contact lens gives you a more natural look but at the same time, brightens your eyes so they look attractive. Besides that, blue contact lens makes perfect sense for brown hair as the contrast will make your eyes stand out.


There are prescription and non-prescription colored contact lens. Prescription colored contact lens not only enrich your existing eye color but also serves to correct visual impairments for the wearer. If you don’t know your dioptres (commonly known as “power / SPH”), you can get your eyes check and obtain the right power reading by a certified optometrist near you. Many online stores now carry a wide range of prescription colored contact lens so you can browse around and purchase the ones that fit you anytime, anywhere.  

Duration of Wear 

Last but not least, you need to determine the duration of wear for your colored contact lens. Online retail store for colored contact lens like UNIQSO, offers colored contact lens with different disposable period according to your needs and preferences. If you are new to contact lens, it is advisable to get the daily or monthly contact lens first so you can get use to wearing them. Other disposable periods like 3 months and 6 months are also available. Be sure to follow the proper steps for contact lens care and always practice hygiene.
Wearing colored contact lens can be fun and is a definite confident booster! As the new kid on the block, you may want to go for a less dramatic color like brown to get familiarize with wearing colored contact lens before you move on to play around with different shades of colors. Shop for high quality colored contact lens at and enjoy the latest promotions and offers.

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